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Cibolo is a beautiful town situated in south-central Texas where the hot summers have a way of overworking AC Equipment. This simply means if you have not gotten acquainted with a reliable air conditioning company in your area, you might need to soon, either this summer or next.  

Does your home need AC Repair or AC Service, or is it time to get a complete AC Replacement quote online?  Whether your AC is struggling to keep you cool and comfortable in the heat of summer or you’re just curious about the cost of an AC Replacement and thinking about upgrading to a higher capacity system, you’re in luck!  Atlas AC Repair believes you should be able to shop for an AC Replacement the same way you shop for cars, online.    Atlas AC Repair is actually the low-cost leader in online AC Replacement in Cibolo and specializes in guiding homeowners to the most price-competitive AC Replacement cost when you take the time to build your AC Replacement quote online.  

Scheduling service or getting an AC quote in Cibolo is easy with just a few clicks.

Atlas AC Repair will be glad to share photos and technical explanations with you so you know for sure all your AC Repair, Heater Repair, and AC Replacements will be handled by Technicians who can diagnose the problem and make the correct repairs without trying a little of this or replacing the expensive “thing-a-ma-doodle.”  We’re here to answer any questions you have about AC Repair, AC Replacement, Heater Repair, or Furnace Replacement.

About Atlas AC Repair and how we maintain the “Low-Cost Leader” role in AC Replacement with our online quote system:

Our customers trust us to deliver the best HVAC repairs and service every time.

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We will keep you in the loop throughout the install process.


We take steps to protect your landscaping outside and your flooring and furniture inside.


We plan ahead before arriving to ensure the install process goes smoothly.


We train you on your new HVAC system and thermostat.


We provide our Tech Support Line for any questions or concerns you may have after we leave.

Financing options

Air conditioner replacements made affordable.

Want low monthly payments for your new Carrier AC Equipment?  Apply from the comfort of your home …and decide if a low monthly payment makes more sense than dipping into your emergency fund or savings account.  Atlas AC Repair believes in giving options to empower you as you make the best choice for you and your home.

Brands we install

We service all HVAC brands and install these leading brands.