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AC Repair cost Guide For 2021

The cost for a home AC repair is going to range from $120 to $3,000 depending on they type of HVAC repair.

Your complete AC Repair cost guide for 2021

Complete AC repair cost guide in 2021
  • AC unit under 12 years old average repair cost – $120 to $450
  • AC unit over 12 years old average repair cost – $450 to $3,000

Types of AC Repairs

There are 2 types of repairs that we find to be the most common. A minor AC repair and a major AC repair. A minor AC repair is most common on AC systems younger than 12 years old. A major AC repair is most commonly found is system older than 12 years old.

  • $120 to $450 – A minor AC repair are when inexpensive parts and components fail that are easy for a tech to access and replace. These are the most common repair on systems younger than 12 years old.
  • $450 to $3,000 – A major AC repair are when expensive parts and components fail that are hard to access. These type of repairs typically accurse on systems older than 12 years.

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Minor AC Repair Cost

A minor AC repair cost is going to range form $120 to $450 typically found on AC systems younger than 12 years old. The prices can vary depending on the material and time required to fix the problem.

AC Drainage Repair Cost

If you are needing to repair your AC drain line, it’s going to cost you around $120 to $250. Your indoor air handler/furnace has a coil inside of it that is used to cool your home. This coil creates condensation and it has to go somewhere. Your drain line carries the water outside your home. Sometime it gets clogged up and the water then runs into the drain pan, if the drain pan gets too full the safety switch will turn off your air conditioner to prevent water damage. A drainage repair normally doesn’t cost very much.

  • Blow out AC drain line cost – $120
  • Run new AC drain line cost – $250
  • Install AC drain line safety switch cost – $250
  • Replace drain pan – $300
black Outdoor AC unit

Filtration repair Cost

If your air conditioner is not cooling and an AC tech finds that it’s due to a clogged filter, the average filter replacement cost is $120. One of the biggest jobs our air handler / furnace does, is push air throughout your home. When a filter is clogged up it can’t do it’s main job. The extra stress put on the air conditioner can cause other components to fail and shorten the life the your entire AC system. A filter AC repair cost is going to run around $120 because it take a while for the tech to diagnose the problem.

  • Replace clogged filter cost – $120
  • Upgrade to a 2″ media filter cost – $200
  • Upgrade to a 4″ media filter cost – $450

Thermostat Repair Cost

The average cost to fix a problem with your thermostat ranges from $120 to $450. There is a lot of different things that can go wrong with a thermostat, from batteries dying to it being set wrong to a break in the line. Sometimes it is hard to find these problems with out an AC repair tech. The majority of the repair cost is going to the amount of time a tech will need to diagnose the problem.

  • Change thermostat batteries cost – $120
  • Reprogram thermostat cost – $150
  • Install new basic thermostat cost – $175
  • Install new programmable thermostat cost – $450
  • Run new low volt T-stat line – $350
nest thermostat

electronic component repair cost

Atlas tech working on a furnace

The cost to repair the electronic composites on your air conditioner will range from $250 to $450. The control boards are what communicates with your thermostat. Sometime there can be a short in the board and it needs to be replace. A surge protector can help keep this from happening. The repair cost is going to vary depending on the manufacture of the control board.

  • Circuit board cost – $250 to 400
  • Defrost board cost – $250
  • Surge protector cost – $250

Blower Repair Cost

The average cost to repair a blower is around $350. The blower is found in the air hander / furnace and it is responsible for push the air throughout your home. There are cases when the blower fails and need to be replace. Sometime the blower will gets so dirty it can no longer blow air and needs to be cleaned. An AC repair on a blower are typically quick and easy.

  • Replace blower cost – $450
  • Clean blower cost – $200

Add Freon and leak seal Cost

The cost to add freon to AC is going to cost from $55 to $105. Adding leak seal for about $250 can be a 6 month temporary fix before you need a new air conditioner. Overtime the coil can corrode creating a freon leak and if the hole is small enough you can add freon to get your AC cooling again. To add 3 pounds of freon can cost 165 to $315, it starts adding up fast.

  • Add 1 pound of 410A freon cost – $55 pre lb.
  • Add 1 pound of R22 freon cost – $105 pre lb.
  • Add leak seal cost – $250

Cost to clean your AC

Outdoor AC unit

The average cost to clean your outdoor AC unit ranges from $200. Overtime your outdoor AC unit can get impacting with dirt in the condenser coil. If the coil is not cleaned out it won’t be able to cool efficiently. On a H2O wash the majority of the cost come from the time it takes the tech to take everything apart and clean it.

  • H2O wash outdoor AC unit cost – $200
  • Clean blower wheel cost – $325

Install compressor capacitor/hard start kit Cost

The cost to replace an AC capacitor on average is $120 while a hard start kit is going to run $250. A compressor needs an electrical surge in order to start up. A capacitor stores electricity inside of it so when your air conditioner turns on it releases a surge into the compressor to get it started. When your compressor is getting to the end of it’s life a hard start kit can be used to get it to run a little longer. These repairs are inexpensive but can be signs that a more expensive repair is coming.

  • Replace AC capacitor cost – $150
  • Install compressor hard start kit cost – $250
snow in ac unit

Major AC Repair Cost

A major AC repair typically accrues on air conditioning systems older than 12 years. The average major AC repair cost from $450 to $3000 to fix the problem.

cost to Replace compressor

Atlas AC Repair Tech working

The cost to replace a compressor runs the average homeowner $600 to $1500. The compressor is one of the most important parts of an air conditioner and also one of the most expensive. The big reason the price varies so much is due to whether or not it’s still in production, what brand, is it variable speed, and so on. The cost to repair compressor is largely tied up in the equipment cost.

  • Replace compressor cost – $600 to $1500

Cost to repair coil

The cost to replace a coil is going to cost a homeowner $850 to $3000. It’s never a good thing when there are problems with your air conditioner coil. They are hard to get to and they cost a lot to repair. A pull in clean cost so much due to the time it take to take your air hander apart, clean the coil, and put it all back together. The cost to replace a coil is high due to the material cost and the techs labor.

  • Pull and clean evaporator coil cost – $850
  • Replace evaporator coil cost – $1000 to $3000
  • Replace condenser coil cost – $1000 to $3000

Cost to replace a fan motor

ac unit fan

The price to replace a fan motor runs between $500 to $700. The fan motor is responsible to pushing air through the condenser coils to cool the freon. Sometime the fan gets old and stops working. They are easy to get to but the fan itself is were the cost comes from.

  • Replace fan motor cost – $500 to $700

New Line Set Cost

A new line set is going to cost a homeowner around $575 to $700 depending on how far the line set run is. A single story home is going to cost $575 but a two story home is going to cost around $700.

  • Single story home line set cost – $575
  • Two story home line set cost – $700

Cost to repair expansion valve cost

HVAC system

The cost to replace an expansion valve around $650. An expansion valve is also commonly know as a TXV. This devise is designed to monitor the freon levels in your system. The reason a TXV cost so much is due to the amount of time it takes to remove and install, the TXV, itself cost around $175. To pump down the freon, remove and replace the TXV, them put the freon back is a long process to do correctly. This is why they cost around $650 to repair.

  • Replace expansion valve cost – $650

Ductwork Repair Cost

The cost to repair ductwork can range from 250 to $3,000 depending on how extensive the repair is.

New duct run cost

HVAC home

A new duct run cost the average homeowner $150 per run. If you want all new ductwork all we have to do is extrapolate. If you have 15 registers in your home, that means there are 15 run needed which would cost $2250 for all new ductwork.

  • New ductwork run – $150+
    • Example: (15 replacement duct runs) x ($150 per run) = ($2250 total)

Cost to rebuild AC supply and return plenum

To rebuild the plenum that connects your air hander to your duct work cost $475 to $575. There is not that much materials that go into rebuilding a plenum, the cost comes from the amount of time it takes a tech to build one. If your are needing your supply or return plenum repaired this should give you a good ideal on how much it’s going to cost.

  • Rebuild supply plenum cost – $575
  • Rebuild return plenum cost – $475
Indoor furnace

Ductwork testing and cleaning cost

Duct disinfectant runs around $65 if other air conditioner work is being done at the same time. If no other work is being done while the tech is there, it’s going to run closer to $200. A duct disinfectant is not going to clean your duct but it disinfects what is currently in you ducts and reduces any odors you might be experiencing.

A duct blast test is going to run around $400. These test are normally required with 80% or more of the ductwork is replaced. It is to make sure everything is properly ceiled and to make sure you not going to have a lot of future problems.

Ductwork cleaning is going to cost around $100 per vent you clean. This requires a special tool that only a few HVAC companies have. How that math works, if you have 15 vents in your home and it cost $100 per vent you clean, it’s going to cost you around $1500 to clean all you vents in you home.

  • Duct disinfectant cost – $65
  • Duct blast test cost – $400
  • Ductwork cleaning cost per vent – $100
    • Example: (15 ducts that need cleaning) x ($100 per duct) = ($1500 total)

HVAC service cost

The cost to service a HVAC system is going to range from $75 to $300. The cost all depends on the type of service you are needing.

Preventative Maintenance Cost

check list

Spring preventative maintenance typically cost the average homeowner around $300. This service is usually done before the summer starts to make sure your air conditioner is ready to handle the summer heat. It includes a thorough inspection of the indoor and outdoor units, replace compositors, a basic repair if no materials are required, and clean as needed. 

A fall preventative maintenance is going to cost around $250. Normally this is done before the winner hits to make sure your furnace is ready to handle the cold. The PMA is largely done on the indoor unit and little work is done on the outdoor unit unless your air conditioning and heating system is a heat pump.

  • Spring PMA cost – $300
  • Fall PMA cost – $250

AC Tune-up vs. AC check up Cost

An AC tune-up is going to cost around $125 per visit. This process is not as thorough as a PMA and takes the tech about a hour to perform. It includes a diagnoses of your system, a quick cleaning, and a report of the diagnose.

An AC check-up is going to run around $75. This service is a very basic diagnosis and report. There are no repairs, cleaning, or other services, it’s simple look over the system and tell you what is wrong. 

  • AC tune-up cost – $125
  • AC check-up cost – $75
Indoor furnace

Filter change service cost

A month filter change service is going to very depending on they type and quantity of filters that need to be replaced at a time. Your local AC service company is going to charge around $15 per filter they change for  you.

  • Month filter change cost – $15

DIY air conditioner repair

There are a few thing you can do before calling your AC repair guy to see if you can fix the problem before spending money on a unnecessary repair.

  • Check your filter
  • Check your thermostat 
  • Clean your outdoor AC unit
  • Check the drain line
    • The first you you can do is check your air filters. This is a normal issue that can sneak up on many homeowner. If your air filter is clogged your air conditioner and heater can not push the air throughout your home. This puts a big load on your air conditioner, to the point it can properly heat and cool your home. It is a best practice to change your air filters every 45 days to keep this from happening. If your air filter is clogged, once you replace it it should start cooling again with in 30 minutes, if not move on to the next item.
    • Checking to see if your thermostat if the problem is commonly overlooked. Many thermostats have to be manually set to heat or cool. For example, if winter is over and it’s starting to get warm outside and your AC is not turning on, you might have to switch it to cool mode. It is also good to check your batteries and see if that is the problem. This could prevent calling your AC repair company unnecessarily.
    • Next up is to make sure your outdoor AC unit is clean. The outdoor AC unit is like a radiator  using the outdoor ambient temperature to converts it into cool air using freon between the AC unit and indoor air handler. If your outdoor AC unit is dirty or covered in vegetation, it can no longer properly radiated the heat. I would try to clear the air conditioner unit away from all plans and used a water hose to clean of and dirt. This should help it perform better and maybe prevent an unnecessary AC repair.
    • The last thing you can check is for a clogged drain line. Many homes are now built with safety switches on the drain pan. When your drain line is clogged this safety switch will turn off your entire air conditioner until the water in the drain pan is removed. So if your air conditioner was working fine and all the sudden is no longer working, I would check for a clogged drain line. You can poor bleach in your drain pan if it is holding water and many time this will fix the problem. This is a quick thing you can check before calling your AC repair guy.

How long will an AC repair fix my air conditioner

If an air conditioner and furnace is installed and maintained correctly, you would be able to get around 20 years of useful life out of it. To answer the question on how long an AC repair should last is hard to say but if we assume your air conditioner was installed correctly and properly maintained, it makes it a lot easier to answer the question. 

  • If it is not installed correct it doesn’t matter how well you maintain it, it’s going to fail be for it makes it to 20 years. We have seen some air conditioner systems that failed within the first 3 years due to a bad install. Many builder will under size an air conditioner on a new home to save a few dollars, which will run the system to death. That is why you always use a licensed and insured company because you can file a complaint at the state level and a lot of times they will fix it for free.
  • If the air conditioner is not properly maintained by the homeowner or tenant it can dramatically shorten it life. One of the biggest killers of air conditioner systems is simply not changing filters on a routine bases. When a filter gets clogged it has to work over time to cool and heat your home. This adds a lot of wear and tear to your system.

5 years old AC system

Assuming your air conditioner was properly installed and maintained. I would not expected for you to have any AC repairs in the first 5 years.

10 years old AC system

Through normal wear and tear you should only have 1 or 2 minor AC repairs, like replacing a capacitor or blow out a drain line, fairly inexpensive. 

15 years old AC system

Your going to start running into some problem with your air conditioner gets older than 15 years old. You will probably have 2 more minor repairs and 1 expensive major repair.

Atlas AC tech getting tool from van

20 years old AC system

Once an air conditioner gets older than 20 years, it’s going to really start showing it’s age. At this point you are going to want to start comparing the difference in-between repairs and replacements. A major AC repair could cost $3000 to get you back up and running but it could go back down in the next 6 months. The way I would handle a system this old, I would do any minor AC repair for a few hundred dollars to see how much longer it will go. Once it needs a major repair for more than a $1000 I would stop putting any more money into it and buy a new AC system.

Find the right AC repair company

The problem

This can be a challenge for most homeowner to find a good local AC repair company for many reasons. Are they going to provide a good diagnoses, will they have fair pricing, are they going to try to upsell me, will they fix the problem the first time? There is a lot to consider when you are looking for a good AC repair company. One of the big problems in our industry is it’s a seasonal business. What this leads to is there is a lot of work in the summer but litter work in the winter, or if you are up north it’s vice versa. The issue this create is many companies will price gouge during the busy months to cover for miss management of the slower month. It’s more likely than not that you are going to find an air conditioning company that does this because the whole industry operates off this model.

What to look For

  • You will for sure encounter these companies if you use Home Advisor, Angies List, or a Google ad to find an AC repair company. An AC repair company will pay one of these advertising companies more than $150 just to show up to your door step. What happens is the AC repair company has to upsell you on thing you may not need in order to make money. This is why most homeowners always fill pressed into the recommended repairs by the service tech. Its best to stay away from using ads and paid for directories if you are looking for a fair AC repair.
  • Another issue a seasonal company runs into is staffing. They need a lot of workers in the summer but few in the winter. How many AC repair companies solve this is by paying their air conditioner techs commission for the work they do and sell, not hourly or salary. Your can already see the problems this is going to create. If the service tech wants to make a living, they have to sell you something because there is no commissions to be made on a $120 service call. They need to sell you a $1000 AC repair or pressure you to replace you entire air conditioner. If it is clear that a tech is trying to sell or pressure you into a repair, you might not be getting a fair price or good advise.

Best practices to find the right company

  • One of the first things you can do to find a good air conditioner company is start with Google. Do a quick search for something like “AC repair your city name“, so I would use “AC repair San Antonio” for my area. From there scroll past the ads, from there I would go down the list, one by one, reading their reviews. What you are looking for are reviews of people saying “the first company that came out was trying to charge me an arm and a leg so I call YWX company and they saved me a ton of money”. If you can find a few reviews like this, your probably going to get a good company.
  • Another good method you can use to find a good AC repair company is ask around. Pretty much everyone you know has air conditioning on their homes, so they have probably had a problem in the past. Ask you friends and family in your local area and see if they had a good experience with any air conditioner repair companies.
  • Lastly but most difficult is to find a transparent company like ours. Atlas AC Repair does air conditioning repair and replacement for San Antonio and Austin Texas. One of the things we do is put all our prices online for anyone to see, and yep that includes our competitors. This transparent model allows all our customers know, what are rates are, if we are charging a honest price, and if a tech is trying to sell them something. We have an open book business model that allow everyone to see all of our prices.

About Atlas AC Repair

Atlas AC Repair is an air conditioning and heating company that does AC installation and AC repair San Antonio and Austin Texas. One of the big reason our customers love us, is we keep things simple. We don’t twist your arm to get a sell. A matter of fact, we don’t have salespeople that work for us and all our techs are on salary so there is no incentive to sell you something. We believe in providing the highest quality of AC repairs without hassling our customers. We believe every homeowner should be able to make the best most informed decision when it comes to AC repairs and replacements.

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