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Why Atlas AC Repair

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About Us

•Origin: The Atlas Ac Repair story began in May 2020 when the Carpenter team established the first location in San Antonio, Texas.
•Objective: The goal was to create an HVAC Company where technicians and installers could collaborate within a genuine HVAC service company environment.
•Customer Based: Distinguished from other HVAC companies that prioritize sales, Atlas focuses on education, transparency, and genuine service.
•Training Programs: Weekly training classes and personalized one-on-one sessions are provided for technicians and installers to enhance their skills.
•Culture of Success: Atlas believes in setting up its team members for success at every opportunity.
•Emphasis on Quality: Atlas values both character and ability, ensuring high-quality service provision.
•Career Growth: The company offers career paths and opportunities for growth to its employees.
•Customer-Focused Approach: Atlas prioritizes its customers, ensuring they receive respectful and supportive service.
•Company Pride: Employees are encouraged to take pride in their work and their affiliation with Atlas Ac Repair.


Each week we provide a 2 hour training class
•From HVAC school to Lead Tech
•From Install Helper to Lead

Interview Process

•Review professionalism, knowledge and history
•Skills assessment, bring your hand tools

Management Opportunities

Here at Atlas Ac, we offer employees many opportunities to grow and advance in their careers through our many management positions both in the field and in the office. We hire for these positions based on experience and positions are offered to current and future employees wanting to be a part of this expanding company.  If you have the drive, we have the opportunity.