Atlas AC Repair, LLC

New Construction/Commercial Remodeling

Meet the Atlas Account Manager providing HVAC Solutions for Builders and Contractors

Atlas employee
Call or text.  I’m happy to listen to your design, budget, and schedule, let’s set a time to chat.  

I’m Tommy Carpenter and I can be reached at
210-996-6908 (talk/text)

General Contractors have a very demanding job and so many details to focus on from design to construction.  Atlas takes a very hands-on approach to ensure from design to installation everything goes as smooth as possible.

Our systematic approach:

We take steps to ensure the installation process goes smoothly.

There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter construction project, there’s always challenges that arise, decisions to be made and sometimes designs to be changed.  Atlas understands projects evolve and we’re here to help with both the initial design and the design evolution, if one arises.

Design is complete and ductwork is ready to be install.  We know you’re on a tight schedule and can’t slow down so we work with your schedule to begin installing ductwork.  It’s preferred all ductwork be installed prior to plumbing or electrical.

The air handler, condenser, and trim work are all installed at this time.  We arrive with all the equipment so this process can move quickly.

Once the constructed project is complete, a service technician from Atlas AC Repair will be sent to perform the start-up of the HVAC system.
We perform one final walk-through before the final sign off to review the system and operation.