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How was your heating and AC system impacted by the power outages?

Texans went through a flurry of problems that compounded upon one another from the recent statewide arctic cold front.  The extreme cold, ice, power outages, and water shortages in several areas have left many scrambling for warm shelter and supplies.  Now that the weather is returning to normal and power and water are restored, we are in fix-it mode, focusing on the essentials, from fixing broken water pipes to replacing appliances ruined from power blackouts and surges. 

Our lives will soon return to normal, but what is the long-term impact on homeowners’ heating and AC system?  The problems will vary depending on how much power outages impacted you.

Best Scenario

If you had power throughout the duration of the cold front, your heating and AC system should be minimally impacted depending on its age and condition.  However, your heating and AC system ran hard for days to keep your home comfortable in subfreezing temperatures.  It will need to be maintained to avoid any compromise to its lifespan.  I recommend having your heating and cooling company do a preventative maintenance checkup to ensure your system is in good shape after being pushed to the max for days.

Less than ideal

You might be like me, where your power constantly cycled on and off for four days, along with brownouts.  These cycles are rough on your heating and cooling system, potentially taking many years off your system’s life due to the repeated load, power loss, power surges (as the electricity comes back on), and brownouts.  To maximize the remaining life of your system, I recommend having your heating and AC company perform a full inspection of all electronic components and a complete preventative maintenance checkup.  This will help prevent minor issues from turning into major problems or repairs.

DIY Tips

Another great rule of thumb to extend your system’s life is to ensure your system does not experience any unnecessary load. When it comes to your HVAC system, preventative measures are better than watching and waiting and can save you from costly repairs. These are a few tips that can help extend the life of your heating and AC system while helping it perform at its best.

Atlas AC Repair is here to help.  If your heating and cooling system needs a checkup, give Atlas AC Repair a call at (210) 549-9550 and we can help.