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HVAC Installation & Replacement

AC & Heating Unit Replacements starting at $4999

As low as $65/month with financing

Is your HVAC 8+Years old?

New heating and air conditioning units operate more efficiently than older generation equipment, which means lower electricity bills and no more emergency repair calls.

Is your HVAC 12+Years old?

At this age, repairs become more costly, parts are becoming obsolete and the refrigerant is no longer being used or available. Choose between multiple service calls and increasingly more expensive utility bills or one low monthly payment and a new HVAC system that makes life cool and comfortable again. 

Did you know?

The refrigerant in older AC equipment, known as Freon, is believed to be one of the worst offenders for our ozone.  New AC equipment uses Puron which has an ozone depletion rating of zero.  And, it performs slightly better than Freon.

How Much Can You Save by Upgrading to a Higher Efficiency Air Conditioner?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.
Every air conditioner or heat pump has a SEER rating, which signifies its energy efficiency. The higher the number, the less electricity the air conditioner uses.

The SEER Savings calculator can help you answer the following questions:

System assessment

Need a new heating or air conditioning system installed?

When your HVAC system is past repairing and needs to be upgraded, we bring our best into your home. We’re here to make the upgrade process easy starting with our FREE no-obligation, in-home consultation. No detail is too small or overlooked when it comes to the comfort of your home.

When you install a new Atlas HVAC system, you automatically become an Atlas Club Member and receive two preventative maintenance visits per year to ensure your heating and air conditioning unit continues running at its best.

Existing system and ductwork inspected.

Priorities, budget and problem areas are talked through along with any special needs concerning humidity and air quality.

Proper size of system required determined with a load calculation.

Options quoted including details on the work and materials necessary.

Financing options discussed and any questions or concerns addressed.

Installation date for new system set.

brands we install

We service all HVAC brands and install these leading brands

Why choose us

The Atlas Professional Promise


We will keep you in the loop throughout the install process.


We take steps to protect your yard and shrubs outside and your flooring and furniture inside.


We plan ahead before arriving at your home to ensure the install process goes smoothly.


We train you on your new HVAC system and thermostat.


We provide our Tech Support Line for any questions or concerns you may have after we leave.

No-Sweat Installation

If you want to keep your hard-earned cash for something else like a vacation or college or anything but HVAC,  see our financing options below. You get pre-approved and we install your new, efficient HVAC equipment while you keep your CASH.

Financing options

HVAC upgrades made affordable

We know the need for an HVAC replacement can arrive suddenly and without warning.  We also know living and working in extreme temperatures isn’t an option.  Atlas AC provides finance options so you never have to be “out of pocket” in those crunch times.

Here for all your heating & cooling needs