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Carrier is one of the best air conditioner brands you can own in the San Antonio area. Many brands out there do not handle the extreme summer heat that well we experience in Texas. Carrier systems are designed to handle anything you through at it. However, we know air conditioners don’t last forever and will need to be repaired at some point. If your needing service on your Carrier in San Antonio, give your local expert, Atlas AC Repair, a call today!

Carrier AC San Antonio TX Services

Carrier Repair San Antonio

The summer heat in San Antonio puts a lot of demand on your air conditioner. This demand can put a lot of stress on the parts and components.  This can cause simple inexpensive parts to break. A simple part that quits working correctly can cause your entire Carrier AC system to quit working. When this happens, you need a professional HVAC company to fix the problem fast. You can always count on Atlas AC Repair to deliver professional service at the best rates on any Carrier system in San Antonio. If you need to get an idea of how much an AC repair runs or AC recharge cost, give us a call.

Carrier Heater Repair San Antonio

We don’t use our heaters that often in Texas but it’s nice to have when we need it. There are many different types of Carrier furnaces that range from gas to heat pump to electric. Each furnace time comes with its own problems. If your Carrier furnace isn’t working right, you came to the right place. Atlas AC Repair is a specialist in fix Carrier heating systems. If you are needing a fast furnace repair for your carrier in San Antonio, give us a call today!

Carrier Replacement San Antonio

As we all know AC systems do not last forever and need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years. The reason we provide Carrier HVAC systems is because they are a great brand that you can count on day and day out for many years. If you are needing an AC Replacement in San Antonio, you came to the right place. At Atlas AC Repair we believe in delivering 5-Star service for the best price using the best equipment. Step one is to get the HVAC system cost, we can even do it over the phone. Give us a call today for your free Carrier quote.

Carrier Furnace Replacement San Antonio

There are two major parts of an HVAC system that make them heat and cool. That is the inside furnace and the outside AC unit. Sometimes you don’t have to replace an entire system to get back up and running. In some cases, you only have to replace the furnace. If it is time to replace your Carrier furnace in San Antonio we can help you with that. Give us a call for a furnace installation cost.

Carrier Ac unit Replacement San Antonio

If your outdoor AC unit is not working correctly and it’s past repair, we can certainly help you with that. Atlas AC Repair can replace any Carrier AC unit in San Antonio for the best price with 5-Star Service. If you looking for an AC replacement cost, give us a call today and we can help.

Carrier Maintenance San Antonio

Doing annual maintenance helps to ensure your Carrier system works properly for many years. It is always a best practice to maintain your HVAC before the summer heat hits. This helps to prevent emergency calls during the hot summer days. You can give us a call today to schedule maintenance on your Carrier system in San Antonio

Why Carrier Is Our # 1 Pick For A New AC System

carrier system

Carrier does a lot of things right when it comes to new air conditioner replacement in 2021. From quality to energy efficacy to cost, Carrier checks all the boxes when it comes to what homeowners want in San Antonio. One of the best things about the Carrier brand is the quality of the equipment. The summer heat in San Antonio pushed our HVAC to its max abilities. Some air conditioning brands are more suited for the northern part of America and not the summer heat we experience in Bexar county. Carrier is designed to handle the Texas heat along with the high humidity levels. This helps with the longevity of the air conditioner with minimal repairs in the future. If you properly maintain the Carrier HVAC after installation, you can expect it to last 20 to 25 years before you need another air conditioner replacement in San Antonio.

The way we make Carrier your most affordable option even though it is not the cheapest HVAC on the market. Atlas AC Repair focuses all of our buying power on Carrier. This puts us in Carrier’s best cost bracket, we simply pass on the savings to you. Many other HVAC companies in San Antonio do not pass on the saving to their customer but the exact opposite. They will try to price gouge if your AC system is down and you need to do something fast. Atlas AC Repair believes in always being fair and honest with our customers so we always provide our best pricing upfront. If your needing a quote for a new Carrier HVAC in San Antonio, give us a call for a quick estimate. 

Carrier Air Conditioners San Antonio, Texas

Carrier is the best AC equipment for San Antonio

You searched for Carrier San Antonio which means you know quality air conditioning equipment and want the best equipment for your home and so do we.  For discriminating customers who insist on high quality. Carrier is the brand we recommend at Atlas AC based on its excellent warranties and pricing. 

Your search for Carrier San Antonio brought you to the right place.  Atlas AC Repair offers very competitive pricing and is the low-price leader for AC Upgrades and AC service in San Antonio.

With a 105-year reputation, Carrier has emerged as one of the most long-lasting options in a sea of AC choices.  Their quality speaks for itself, enabling Atlas AC Repair to offer aggressive online pricing. We have reduced the need for a salesperson to sit in your home and explain who Carrier is and how great they are.  Because you searched for Carrier San Antonio which means you already know.

Carrier has also become one of the most energy-efficient air conditioner choices for your home.  Carrier presents a variety of options from 14 and 16-SEER systems to variable-speed smart systems with programmable thermostats that give you “over the top” control of the air temperature and humidity inside your home.

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Top 3 Carrier qualities

When you search Carrier San Antonio you are probably looking for three things in your new AC Replacement:

How We deliver 5-star service

How is Atlas AC Repair able to be the low-cost price leader for HVAC Replacements and air conditioner Repairs?

More about your Carrier AC System

Carrier Comfort Series
  • The Carrier Comfort series is the most common air conditioner that Carrier makes. Carrier Comfort is the most cost-effective air conditioner for a new installation that Carrier manufactures. It is also going to have the least amount of repair over the life of the system. This is largely due to the simplicity of the HVAC system. Carrier manufacture 2 types of Comfort series AC systems, a 14 Seer and 15 Seer. The 15 Seer is a little more expensive than the 14 Seer however with the 15 Seer you are normally eligible for a utility rebate. The Comfort series only come in a single stage. What that means is your AC or furnace is either all on or all off, there is not a between. What this means is the cycle run time is shorter than the other series, this can lead to hot or cold spots throughout your home. The Carrier Comfort works great for homes around 2000 square feet and under. If your home is larger than 2000 square feet you may want to consider the other series to help prevent hot and cold spots.
Carrier AC system
Carrier Performance Series
  • The Performance Carrier series is the next step above the Comfort series. Carrier Performance series is the intermediate HVAC system between the Comfort and Infinity Series.  It has a high Seer rating than the Comfort series, normally 16 or 17 Seer. The big difference between the Comfort system and Performance system is the 2 Stage air handler / furnace. What this means is there are 2 settings that is used to regulate the temperature in your home. The first stage normally runs a 65% capacity and the second stage operates at 100%. This increases the efficiency of the HVAC system along with reducing the hot and cold spots throughout your home. The Carrier Performance series work well for 2 story home or home with more than 2000 square feet.
Carrier Infinity Series
  • The Carrier Infinity series is the top-of-the-line AC and heating system Carrier manufactures. The Infinity series has a high Seer rating, making it great for applications like solar. The Seer rating on the Infinity system range from 16 to 23 Seer. The big difference between the Infinity over the others is the multistage air handler/furnace. The on/off cycle time is much longer than the other series. This gives you complete control over the humidity in your home. This also dramatically lowers any temperature variations throughout your home. Another big benefit to Infinity HVAC systems is they operate extremely quality, in most cases, you don’t even know it’s heating or cooling. The ideal application for an Infinity system is if you are using solar on your home, it will keep your energy usage to a minimum. If you have a large home with a high ceiling, the Infinity will help to prevent hot and cold spots. You also get complete control over your humidity levels in your home which is great if you have expensive art or furniture.