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AC Replacement & Installation

AC Installation San Antonio / Austin Texas

Is it time to replace your old air conditioner? Don’t worry; Atlas AC Repair has got your back.

Scorching summers require reliable air-conditioners.  The hot and humid weathers are not endurable without air-conditioners.  The HVAC system has dominated the markets for years, but the design and technology have come a long way.  Invest in technology and select a new HVAC system to help your home handle the blazing summers.

Atlas AC Repairs offers you premium AC Replacement / AC Installation services.  Our team guides you on every step.  We partner with you and assist you with everything from selection to getting it running.  Choosing the right brand, type, and size of air conditioner is essential to ensure that the air conditioning unit replacement will perform flawlessly.  Atlas AC Repair is your trusted partner for handling AC Replacement and managing installations with quality workmanship.

So what are you waiting for?  Are you ready to replace your old AC?  Call us today!

When your AC is past repair and needs to be upgraded in San Antonio or Austin, we’re here to make the AC installation process easy.

Call the Atlas team at (210) 549-9550 for fast and reliable AC installation.

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When is the right time to replace your Air Conditioner?

HVAC systems require regular maintenance and repairs.  It becomes difficult to predict whether a system requires repairs or replacement.  We are the best at what we do and have performed countless replacements for our customers.  We know what symptoms to look for, allowing us to predict whether the AC is workable or a replacement is necessary.

Some common symptoms of an air conditioner that needs to be replaced:

Is your unit fifteen years old?  Are you noticing any of the above signs?  Try calling a professional and seek advice about your unit.  The maximum useful life of an air conditioner unit is fifteen to twenty years.  Air conditioners deteriorate faster from this point onwards, and serious repairs are needed to keep them running.  Professional recommendations can help you plan your next AC installations and prepare replacements.

Atlas AC Repair is available to serve you.  We make recommendations without selling you anything you don’t need.  We give you access to a variety of options that suit your requirements.  We explain everything and only advise you to take suitable action.  

Distinguished Solutions for Distinguished Homes

AC condenser installed by Atlas AC Repair

Selecting the proper heating and air conditioner for your home can be a real challenge.  We understand the difficulty and know every homeowner has different needs.  Atlas AC Repair works with you to select the right solution for you and your family.  Whether you are looking for higher energy efficiency, better air quality, or the best price, Atlas AC Repair is the company for you.  We put in the effort to find the most accurate size and technology suitable for your home. 

What sets us apart from other HVAC companies is we don’t have a salesperson trying to pressure you into a sale.  We ask you a few questions, send a technician to your home for a quick site inspection, and then send you a quote.  Yes, it’s that simple.  This helps ensure you get exactly what you want without having a salesperson pressuring you to buy extras you may not want or need.

We care about our customers and take special care when visiting their homes.  We take full responsibility for cleaning and clearing the mess created during the installation process.

Atlas AC Repairs makes your replacement process hassle-free.  Call us and schedule an appointment!  We will guide you and provide a professional AC replacement and installation solution.  If you want a home HVAC quote today, give us a call!

Importance of selecting the right AC size

Air conditioners operate by moving, regulating, and filtering the air in homes daily.  Larger air conditioning units are not always better though they cool the air faster in short cycles.  Rapid cooling reduces the dehumidifying effect, potentially leading to mold in your ductwork.

A system that is too small to keep up with the demand of a larger home must run for longer periods, wasting considerable energy.  Often the home remains uncomfortable because the system is incapable of reaching the desired temperatures.

Atlas AC Repairs offers replacement packages and installations that match all budgets.  We provide competitive offerings to homeowners and business owners considering the requirement of the vicinity.  Our technicians are professionals who offer customized solutions to our customers.  We customize our services because all home and office requirements are different.  We provide services based on insulation, windows, and square footage, equipping your home with the best air conditioning equipment.

Call us today and get a free second opinion on AC Replacement!

Make a confident decision with Atlas AC Repair.

Financing Options

AC units can break down unexpectedly. Planning ahead for an AC replacement is recommended. Emergency or not, it is still a considerable expense in your budget. Atlas AC Repair makes the purchase process smooth in any situation. A unique service beyond standard customer service. By booking a call with us, you get access to the best technicians in town and multiple financing options. Financing is subject to approved credit.

Licensed HVAC Contractor

When searching for an AC Replacement company, you want the best service providers. Atlas AC Repair's procedures allow us to deliver excellent customer service that meets personal and professional standards. We are a licensed HVAC contractor for AC solutions and a leading heating and cooling service provider. Professionalism, expertise, and efficiency - that's what you get with the Atlas team.

Best Value Products

We are different than our competitors. We work for you and provide you with the air conditioning solutions you deserve. Outstanding service and efficient communication are factors that help us exceed expectations. Our customers are unique, and we deliver accordingly.

Financing options

Air conditioner installation made affordable.

We know the need for an AC install can arrive suddenly and without warning.  We also know living and working in extreme temperatures isn’t an option.  Atlas AC Repair provides finance options so you never have to be “out of pocket” in those crunch times.
Air Conditioning Rebate

CPS HVAC Rebates

The CPS Residential Energy Efficiency Program offers a range of ways to help you save.  If you are a homeowner and CPS Energy customer, you can receive rebates for your upgrade projects, speeding up your return on investment.  Download an application here.

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We service all air conditioner brands and install these leading brands.