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Commercial Preventative Maintenance

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Commercial PM Agreement

Business owners & managers have a lot to lose when the HVAC system isn’t working. For that reason, the Atlas PM is comprehensive & thorough focusing on the goal to keep your HVAC performing year round with zero disruptions. To do that, we will inspect each HVAC unit, write a list of parts/components that are weak & failing (fall below factory specs). Just like tires, battery & brakes on your car, failing parts need to be replaced before they fail. For Atlas AC, PM truly means preventative maintenance to eliminate any potential disruptions to your business, not just changing the filters.

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Site Survey $125/Unit

Our first step is to complete the site survey, this will cost $125.00 per unit. This step is arguably the most crucial as it will set the tone for the first appointment. The first PM appointment is the most intensive and important to the health of your system as it will address major issues that have been severely impacting your systems performance.
An RTU, or "roof top unit," is a self-contained unit that provides both heat and air conditioning for certain spaces, such as commercial buildings.

Cost Breakout $193-$550/Unit

Once the site survey is completed, we will generate you an estimate that will go over the work that will be completed and the cost of the PM agreement. This cost depends on the amount of visits you will request per year. The table below outlines our pricing totals per unit depending on whether you want a semi-annual or quarterly agreement.
TypePrice Per UnitSemi Annual Total Per UnitQuarterly Total Per Unit
<10T$ 193.00$386.00$772.00
10-15T$ 350.00$700.00$1,400.00
16-20T$ 450.00$900.00$1,800.00
21-30T$ 550.00$1,100.00$2,200.00

Power Clean $179/Unit

We offer an additional power cleaning service at an additional charge of $179 per unit. This power clean will deep clean the condenser coil to remove blockage and airflow restrictions, and chemical clean the evaporator coil in place to remove blockage and airflow restriction. These parts are some of the most important when it comes to the operation your system. Having that extra layer of blockage acts as a layer of insulation which can severely impact performance and lead to major repairs and potentially a needed replacement down the line.