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Commercial Repair

Looking To Get Your System Replaced?

Why Atlas

One of the biggest problems most commercial facility managers face is finding a good HVAC contractor.  What tends to happen is that many commercial AC companies do an excellent job with the first few AC repairs, then stop properly diagnosing and repairing the commercial air conditioner.  You think they are doing their job, but their hope is the system will lay down, and they’ll get a commercial RTU replacement.  This is why many commercial AC companies tamper with a system or just do not do the work.  We do not operate this way.  We believe the right way to make money is over the long term, not to try to make a quick buck.   For this reason, many commercial facility managers have started using us as their go-to commercial AC company. You can always count on us if you need a commercial AC repair!

Not Sure If Your System Needs Repair? Watch This Video

Possible Work Completed

•Condenser Fan Motor

•Blower Motors
•Belt Replacements
•Pressure Switches
•High Pressure Clean
•Condenser Coil Clean
•Evap Coil Clean In Place
•Debris Removal

Service Call $183.00

Our commercial service plan begins with our service call. We charge $183.00 to diagnose your unit and begin the repair process. After servicing and diagnosing we build you an estimate of what repairs are needed and how much they will cost. Once the estimate is approved we will complete the work based off parts and availability. Our focus is making sure your unit is going to be up and running so your business is not disrupted.