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Carrier AC Unit Cost

A Carrier AC Unit Cost the average homeowner $3,467 to $4,768

Carrier AC Unit Cost

Complete Carrier AC Unit Cost Guide
  • Carrier Outdoor AC Unit Cost – $3,467 to $4,768
  • Carrier Indoor Furnace Cost – $3,100 to $5,100
  • Carrier AC System Cost – $5,680 to $9,659

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Carrier AC Unit Prices By Tonnage

Tonnage in air conditioning refers to the unit of measurement representing the cooling capacity required to cool a space. Specifically, one ton equals the amount of heat needed to melt one ton (2000 pounds) of ice in a 24-hour period. To calculate the tonnage needed for a Carrier AC unit, you have to assess the square footage of the living space. Generally, 1 ton is suitable for every 600-900 square feet. However, it’s important to note that factors like insulation, ceiling height, and local climate impact the calculation and therefore the Carrier AC Unit cost when setting your budget.

Outdoor AC Unit TonnageElectric AC Unit Cost 14 SEERHeat Pump AC Unit Cost 14 SEER
2 Ton$3,596.69$3,808.56
2.5 Ton$3,893.63$4,110.31
3 Ton$3,957.83$3,988.33
3.5 Ton$4,380.33$4,343.42
4 Ton$4,659.25$4,363.91
5 Ton$5,190.53$4,742.71

Right Tonnage For Size of Home

Choosing the right-sized Carrier air conditioner unit is crucial for proper comfort and efficiency. An appropriately sized unit guarantees that your space is cooled without unnecessary energy consumption. Undersized units may struggle to meet cooling demands, leading to increased wear and tear, higher energy bills, and a shorter lifespan on the equipment.  Oversized units can cycle on and off frequently, resulting in inefficient operation and increased humidity. When correctly sized, Carrier AC units provide reliable performance, energy efficiency, and a comfortable indoor environment and lower your overall costs on expenses, emphasizing the importance of proper sizing for both economic and comfort considerations.

  • AC Unit Size           Home Size
  • 2 Ton                           850 to 1250 SQFT
  • 2.5 Ton                       1050 to 1450 SQFT
  • 3 Ton                           1300 to 1700 SQFT
  • 3.5 Ton                       1550 to 1950 SQFT
  • 4 Ton                           1800 to 2200 SQFT
  • 5 Ton                           2300 to 2700 SQFT

Cost of Carrier Air Conditioner Breakout

When you’re looking to set a budget for an AC unit, it’s important to note that there are separate costs between labor and equipment. While the equipment represents a significant upfront investment, skilled labor is just as essential for proper installation. A well-installed unit ensures optimal performance and longevity; proper installation can prevent premature repairs.  Skimping on labor costs may lead to subpar installation, compromising the system’s functionality. The total cost of a Carrier Air Conditioner unit is an investment in both quality equipment and skilled labor to achieve a reliable and cost-efficient cooling solution.

3 Ton 14 Seer AC UnitEquipment Labor Total
Remove Indoor Furnace & Outdoor AC Unit$250.00$250.00
Set New Outdoor AC Unit$2,819.25$250.00$3,069.25
Flush & Reconnect Line Set$75.00$100.00$175.00
Install New Filter Drier and Locking Cap$38.58$175.00$213.58
Calibrate & Commission System$250.00$250.00

What Included

  • Pump Down The Unit
  • Remove Indoor Furnace & Outdoor AC Unit
  • Acid Flushing Line Set
  • Replace Disconnect & Whip (If Needed)
  • Install Max Circuit Protection Fuses (If Needed)
  • Install New Indoor Furnace & Outdoor AC Unit
  • Reconnect And Seal Plenum
  • Reconnect Line Set
  • Reconnect Drain Line
  • Install New Filter Drier
  • Install Safety Switch
  • Install Locking Caps
  • Install New Thermostat
  • Calibrate The System
  • Commission The System
  • Complete City Permit & City Inspection (If Needed)
  • Includes 10-year parts warranty & 2 year labor warranty
Carrier comfort AC unit pricing

Note: The installation process is critical to the long-term health and performance of the AC. If one of these steps is missed, it can significantly reduce the system’s useful life.

Carrier Air Conditioner Prices by Model Number

Knowing the AC unit model number is very important, especially with the bait-and-switch tactics used by some AC companies. The model number is a safeguard, ensuring you receive the specific Carrier Air Conditioner you paid for, protecting against shady service. By verifying the model number, customers can accurately assess Carrier air conditioner costs and hold companies accountable, avoiding potential discrepancies and guaranteeing transparency in the purchase process. This knowledge puts the power in the your hands and allows you to make informed decisions, creating reliability when investing in a Carrier Air Conditioner.

Straight Cool AC Unit2 Ton3 Ton4 Ton5 Ton
24SCA5$ 3,467.00$ 3,807.00$ 4,469.00$ 4,971.00
24TPA7$ 6,060.00$ 6,289.00$ 7,006.00$ 7,844.00
24VNA9$ 7,374.00$ 8,593.00$ 9,040.00$ 9,008.00
24VNA6$ 8,185.14$ 9,538.23$ 10,034.40$ 9,998.88
Heat Pump AC Unit2 Ton3 Ton4 Ton5 Ton
25SCA5$ 3,826.00$ 4,008.00$ 4,469.00$ 4,769.00
25TPA7$ 6,849.00$ 6,920.00$ 7,613.00$ 8,366.00
38MURAQ$ 7,225.69$ 7,300.60$ 8,031.72$ 8,826.13
25VNA8$ 8,470.00$ 8,865.00$ 9,659.00$ 10,517.00
25VNA4$ 9,401.70$ 9,840.15$ 10,721.49$ 11,673.87

Carrier Single Stage Base Model 24SCA5 & 25SCA5

The Carrier base model single stage air conditioners showcase their reliability and efficiency. These units bring a solid cooling capacity, ensuring consistent comfort in various environments. These ac units include the 24SCA548W003, 24SCA536W003, and 25SCA536A003 models, and are designed for single-stage cooling, offering efficient performance and cost-effective solutions. Depending on the your needs, these units can either cater to smaller or larger spaces with their cooling capacity. All these models share common attributes like construction, energy efficiency, and compatibility with advanced thermostat systems. With their efficiency ratings meeting industry standards, the Carrier base models shows a promise for quality and providing you with a dependable and economical cooling solution that can be tailored to your specific needs.

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Carrier Two Stage Base Model 24TPA7 & 25TPA7

The Carrier two-stage models, including the 24TPA736W003, 24TPA748W003, and 25TPA748A003, come with advanced cooling technology with enhanced functionality. These units provide homeowners with increased climate control, offering two stages of cooling for increased efficiency and comfort. These models are geared for optimal performance in medium sized spaces, providing a balance between energy savings and temperature control. However, they can perform well in larger spaces and with their dual-stage capabilities are good at adapting to varying cooling demands. These systems have a higher rating for energy efficiency, and also come with compatibility for smart thermostat systems. The Carrier two-stage models represent a cooling solution that ensures homeowners enjoy consistent and customizable cooling while optimizing energy consumption for both comfort and cost-effectiveness.
Carrier Crossover AC unit pricing

Carrier Variable Speed Side Discharge 38MURAQ

The Carrier variable speed side discharge models 38MURAQ36AA3, 38MURAQ48AA3, and 38MURAQ60AA3, focus on efficient operation with precise temperature control. Engineered with variable speed technology, these units offer great flexibility by adjusting the airflow to meet specific comfort requirements. These systems can excel in both larger and smaller environments and their enhanced capacity and variable speed settings ensure consistent and customized cooling. Their technological features include advanced humidity control and quiet operation. These models prioritize energy efficiency with high SEER ratings, providing you with a state-of-the-art AC unit that adapts to specific needs while prioritizing environmental and cost considerations.

Carrier 5 Stage Communicating System 24VNA9 & 24VNA8

The Carrier 5-stage communicating systems, the 25VNA836A003 and 25VNA848A003 models, greatly improve home climate control. With five stages of variable-speed operation, these units provide precision in adjusting cooling levels, maximizing both comfort and energy efficiency. Whether in smaller or larger space, these systems offer fine-tuned climate control while prioritizing energy conservation. These systems also have advanced capabilities for humidity management. These models feature Infinity® control compatibility, enabling seamless communication between components for optimal performance. The 5 stage communicating models also have superior energy ratings that partnered with their precision control, brings significant energy savings. The Carrier 5-stage communicating system ensures you experience a new level of personalized comfort while still having significant energy savings.


Carrier infinity outdoor unit
Carrier infinity outdoor unit

Carrier Greenspeed - Variable Speed Communicating System 24VNA6 & 24VNA4

The Carrier Greenspeed Variable Communicating System represents top of the line AC technology, with the 25VNA836A003 and 25VNA848A003 models being the ones to look out for. When you see these numbers, know that they signify advanced variable-speed air conditioners, with very good energy efficiency and performance. These models are equipped with Greenspeed intelligence, adapt seamlessly to changing conditions, optimizing energy usage and maintaining consistent temperatures. Due to their advanced nature these systems have very high efficiency ratings. This not only enhances comfort but also reduces energy consumption significantly, making them environmentally friendly and can have big reductions on your utility bills. The Inverter Communicating System gives you precise control and communication between components, providing you with a reliable and cost-efficient AC system. With these models, Carrier continues to set the bar even higher for home climate control, offering a blend of innovation and sustainability.

Carrier Air Conditioning Unit Cost By Seer

Choosing a higher SEER rating for your air conditioning unit brings various benefits, most important is the increase in energy efficiency and utility bill savings. A higher rating implies greater efficiency, translating to lower energy consumption and reduced utility bills. While the initial Carrier air conditioning unit cost may be higher when looking at higher rated units, the long-term savings make it a wise investment. The technology in high rated units allow for improved performance, quieter operation, and a smaller environmental footprint. When you’re looking at Carrier air conditioning units, selecting a higher rating gives you both comfort and financial advantages over time.

3 Ton Carrier AC UnitCost
14.3 Seer2$4,008.00
16 Seer2$6,920.00
18 Seer2$8,865.00
22 Seer2$9,840.15

Higher SEER Rating

Choosing a higher SEER rating when selecting an air conditioning unit holds numerous advantages for homeowners. Firstly, higher rated units are more energy-efficient, leading to long-term cost savings on electricity bills. These systems operate more effectively, delivering better cooling with less energy consumption. Additionally, the benefit from reduced environmental impact as lower energy usage leads to a smaller carbon footprint. The higher rating also brings quieter operation and increased overall home comfort because of its technology. While the upfront cost may be slightly higher, the return on investment becomes noticeable over time, making it a choice that will pay off financially in the long run. Choosing a higher SEER not only gives you a comfortable living environment but also allows for sustainability and responsible energy usage.

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Precise Climate Control

Investing in higher-end AC units offer homeowners more than just a higher efficiency rating. These units provide climate control features offering precision and customization beyond basic cooling. With advanced technologies, higher-end units are great at maintaining consistent temperatures, ensuring comfort throughout the home. They also have superior humidity control mechanisms, effectively regulating moisture levels for a more comfortable indoor environment and preventing microbial growth. By addressing both temperature and humidity, these systems not only bring you comfort but also contribute to better indoor air quality. The use of smart features and sensors allows for precise adjustments, adapting to varying climate conditions. While the cost may be higher for these units, you benefit from a personalized experience, showcasing the advantages of going for a higher-end AC unit that goes beyond energy efficiency, creating an environment that caters to your comfort preferences and overall well-being.

Stop Overpaying

AC Unit Pricing Research

To avoid overpaying for an AC unit, research on prices is very important. Start by exploring different brands, models, and features to understand market price. Use online platforms and manufacturer websites to gather pricing info. Additionally, consider home improvement expos or events where manufacturers may offer exclusive discounts. Understanding the average cost for installation in your region can also help avoid unnecessary expenses. By investing time in thorough research, you empower yourself to make well-informed decisions, securing an AC unit at a reasonable and competitive price. This strategy ensures not only initial cost savings but also a wise investment in long-term home comfort without solely relying on multiple quotes.

Getting Multiple Quotes

You can significantly save on AC unit purchases by obtaining multiple quotes from different contractors. By getting estimates from various sources, you gain insight into the market’s price range, allowing for informed decision-making. This not only helps identify competitive rates but also exposes potential discrepancies or unnecessary charges. Contractors may offer varied installation costs, warranty terms, and additional services, enabling you to choose the most cost-effective and reliable option for you. The process of getting multiple quotes also provides an opportunity for negotiation. When you have comparative pricing information, you can engage in discussions with contractors, potentially securing discounts or favorable terms. This approach helps you by ensuring you make a well-informed decision that aligns with budgetary constraints while still meeting your air conditioning needs. Seeking multiple quotes gives you transparent and competitive environment, lowering the overall costs on your AC unit.

Rebates and Incentives

You  can significantly save on AC unit purchases by capitalizing on rebates and incentives. Researching available programs from federal, state, and local governments, as well as utility companies, can provide potential financial benefits. Energy-efficient AC units often qualify for rebates and tax credits, reducing the upfront cost of the system. Some utility providers also offer incentives for installing energy-saving appliances, contributing to long-term savings on operational expenses. Staying informed about rebate deadlines and eligibility criteria is important. Additionally, manufacturers may provide their own incentives, such as discounts or extended warranties. By leveraging these opportunities, you not only offset initial costs but also contribute to lower energy bills over the system’s lifespan. Careful consideration of available incentives ensures a more economically sound AC unit purchase.


How much does a Carrier AC unit cost?

The Carrier AC unit cost can vary based on factors like model, size, and installation requirements. On average, prices can range from $2,000 to $7,500 for the unit alone. However, additional expenses for installation, labor, and any necessary modifications can impact the overall cost. It’s recommended to obtain quotes from multiple contractors to get a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs and location.

Can you replace just the outside AC unit?

In many cases, it’s possible to replace just the outside AC unit, commonly referred to as the condenser unit or compressor. This is known as a “condenser-only” or “split system” replacement. However, compatibility with the existing indoor unit (evaporator coil and furnace) should be considered. This option can be more cost-effective than replacing the entire system, especially if the indoor components are still in good condition. Keep in mind that the new outside unit should match the specifications of the existing indoor unit for proper performance.

Is it cheaper to replace AC unit in winter?

Installing an AC unit during the winter may offer some cost advantages. Demand for AC services is typically lower in the colder months, and contractors may be more willing to negotiate prices. Additionally, off-peak seasons might see discounts on equipment and installation. However, the extent of these cost savings can vary, and the availability of certain models or features may also impact pricing. It’s essential to balance potential savings with the need for immediate cooling. Planning ahead and obtaining quotes during the off-season can be a strategic approach to potentially secure a more cost-effective installation.

What is the lifespan of a Carrier air conditioner?

The lifespan of a Carrier air conditioner can vary based on factors like usage, maintenance, and environmental conditions. On average, Carrier AC units can last between 15 to 20 years. Proper and regular maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing filters, annual inspections, and addressing any issues promptly, can contribute to a longer lifespan and a lower overall cost on your AC unit . It’s important to note that technological advancements and improvements may lead to more cost-efficient models, prompting some homeowners to upgrade before the end of a unit’s potential lifespan. Regularly consulting with our professionals and following manufacturer guidelines can help maximize the longevity of a Carrier air conditioner.

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Primary AC System We Install

Carrier brand logo with the Turn to the Experts tagline

Atlas AC Repair primarily uses Carrier as our flagship AC system for new installations.  We use Carrier as our leading brand because 1) we needed a product that everyone knows and trusts in San Antonio and Austin, and 2) the more volume we run with Carrier, the lower our prices become, and we can pass those savings on to you.  Carrier also does a great job covering all spectrums of air conditioning and heating, from cost-effective 14 SEER systems to the high-end 22 SEER AC systems.  Carrier can handle any AC and heating solution you are looking for.


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