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HVAC Jobs in Houston, TX

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Atlas AC Repair HVAC Jobs in Houston, TX

Looking for HVAC Jobs in Houston, TX? We Have Openings!    

  • 1 – HVAC Service Technician Positions Available
  • 2 – HVAC Installer Lead Positions Available
  • 2 – Installer Helper Positions Available at This Time

Why Atlas AC Repair

Some of the Benefits of Working at Atlas

• $20 to $35 an Hour Based on Skill Set
• 1.5x Pay for Overtime
• 40+ Hours a Week
• Weekly Pay Every Friday
• Health Insurance
• Paid Time Off After 90 Days
• Weekend Rotation So You Don’t Work Every Weekend

Why Work for Atlas AC Repair?

If you have been in the HVAC industry, you know that many companies are out there take advantage of their technicians and installers.  These HVAC companies want you to be a commission salesman or restrict your hours so much in the winter you can’t pay your bills. The technician or installer gets used and abused while the owner benefits.

About HVAC Jobs in Houston, TX

Key Aspects of Being a Part of the Atlas Install Team

Being a part of the Atlas Install Team comes with several perks. Each day, you only focus on one complete installation project, starting promptly in the morning, ensuring quality work without rushing. With only one weekend of work required per month and holidays off, you enjoy a balanced work-life schedule. Additionally, you’ll find consistent hours during the winter months, providing a stable income year round. We at Atlas focus on a no-sales approach, valuing expertise and professionalism over salesmanship, we are proud to have a culture of providing exceptional service with knowledgeable technicians and installers.

HVAC Lead Installer Jobs in Houston, TX​

HVAC installation is hard and honest work that plays a vital role in everyone’s lives. Successful installations require a specialized skill set to guarantee efficiency without the need for callbacks. In Houston, TX, skilled HVAC installers are in high demand, and we prioritize maintaining a balanced workload throughout the year so winter is just as rewarding as summer. Atlas AC Repair is seeking HVAC installers to join our team, where your knowledge, experience, and commitment are valued and rewarded.

HVAC Helper Jobs in Houston, TX

If you’re getting your start in HVAC and are looking to build your career, apply with us.  Atlas AC Repair helps you grow into true HVAC specialists. Starting as an assistant, you’ll move up by training with helpers and leads. You’ll learn key skills in changing out units and handling ducts, furnaces, condensers, and evaporators. Plus, you’ll get the hang of customer service while shadowing other team members. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You’ll also learn the values we stand by. Eventually, after you’ve shown you got what it takes and can handle tasks on your own, you’ll become a lead installer.

The Techs We Are Looking For

Atlas AC Repair attracts the best Techs and Installers who want to belong to a team and company that humanizes and respects everyone.  Atlas AC Repair only hires the most qualified Technicians and Installers.  If you can “think on your feet” and rise to the top of your trade, Atlas AC Repair might be a good place to create your career. We pride ourselves as career maker’s and are big on investing into our employees. 


HVAC Service Technician Jobs in Houston, TX

Finding a reputable HVAC company that truly values its service technicians can prove to be quite the challenge. Many companies have a commission-based structure with a low base pay that pushes technicians into a sales role rather than allowing them to focus on their craft. This setup often leaves technicians financially strained during the off-season, forcing them to seek alternative opportunities in Houston’s HVAC market. Here at Atlas AC Repair, we take a different approach. We prioritize the well-being of our technicians over sales, our motto revolves around integrity and hard work. Instead, we offer a fair hourly rate based on skillset to each technician. If you’re looking for an HVAC job in Houston with a company that respects your skills and time, we invite you to apply to join our team at Atlas AC Repair.

The Atlas Advantage

Atlas Tech In A Van

Everyone who has spent time in the HVAC industry knows that many companies do not care about the techs and their craft. The reason there are so many companies like this is because so many are only in it to make a quick buck, so they use and abuse their employees and customers.  They care more about sales and over-charging their customers.  They expect you to sell customers services and repairs they don’t need, then do a poor job, so the HVAC system fails and they get to replace the system.  This way of doing business puts honest workers in a bad spot.  We do not operate this way; we train all of our techs to be the best HVAC technician possible, and if a customer uses us, great, and if not, that is fine too.  We have built our business on honesty and integrity.  We promote technicians based on their knowledge and skillset, not sales.  If you are looking through HVAC jobs in Houston and want to work for an honest company, Atlas AC Repair will be a great fit for you.