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Air duct cleaning cost in San Antonio
  • $200 Per Air Duct Run
Air duct replacement cost in San Antonio
  • $250 Per Flex Air Duct Run
  • $600 Per Steel Air Duct Run

Cost to Clean Air Ducts in San Antonio

Many homeowners in San Antonio struggle with allergies and mold making it difficult to breathe.  Air ducts are a significant factor in the quality of the air you breathe in your home.  Over time the ductwork gets dirty from regular use allowing allergens and mold to get trapped.  One solution to fix this issue is air duct cleaning.  Air duct cleaning in San Antonio costs the average homeowner around $200 per cleaned vent.

Cost to clean one duct run

WorkPer Vent Cleaning Cost
* Remove Vent Grill$30
* Seal Duct$55
* Run Scrubbing Machine Through Vent$240
* Reinstall Vent Grill$30

Average Home Duct Cleaning cost (15 Vents)

Work12 Vents Cleaning Cost
* Remove Vent Grills$360
* Seal Ducts$660
* Run Scrubbing Machine
Through Vent
* Reinstall Vent Grills$360
Total To Clean Vents$4,260
* Optional - Rebuild Plenum$695
Total For Vent And Plenum Cleaning$4,955

When Does Duct Cleaning Make Sense?

So you just had an HVAC technician come over to check your system.  He lets you know that your ductwork is dirty and could be adding to your allergies.  What should you do to fix this problem?  It all starts with the type of ductwork you have now.

  • Steel Ductwork – If the air ventilation in your home is made from metal, then cleaning them is the right move.  Steel ductwork is durable, so when the cleaning company runs the scrubbing machine, it will not damage what you have now.  Steel ductwork is costly to replace, which is why many homeowners go with cleaning the vents.
  • Flex Ductwork – Flex ducting is typically found in the attic.  It is better not to clean this type of ducting because when the scrubbing machine runs down the vent, it tears up the flexible tubing and tape that holds it together.  We recommend replacing flex ductwork because it doesn’t cost that much more.
An illustration of a home showing the components that make up a complete HVAC system: the furnace, AC unit, and ductwork.

Cost to Replace Air Ducts in San Antonio

Many homeowners in San Antonio opt to get all-new ductwork instead of cleaning it because there is no significant cost difference depending on the type of ductwork you have now. New ductwork is around $250 per vent run. The primary benefit of new ductwork is removing all the allergens and mold, which leads to an ideal result for the homeowner and their family.

Cost to replace one flex duct run

WorkPer Duct Replacement Cost
* Remove Existing Air Duct$45
* Run New Flex Duct$360
* Seal Duct Run$45

Average Home Duct Replacement Cost (15 Vents)

WorkReplace 12 Duct Run Costs
* Remove 12 Existing Air Duct$540
* Run 12 New Flex Duct$4,320
* Seal Duct Run$540
Total To Replace Ducts$5,400
* Optional - Rebuild Plenum$695
Total For Duct And Plenum Replacement$6,095

When Does Replacing Ductwork Make Sense?

It is common for many homeowners in San Antonio to struggle with deciding whether they should clean or replace their ductwork.   An easy way to help navigate what you should do is to start with the type of ductwork you have now.

  • Flex Ductwork – Flex ducting is the most common type of ductwork in the San Antonio area.  This type of ducting is typically found in your attic, which looks like large flexible tubes running throughout your attic.  It usually is best to replace flex ductwork because cleaning them with a scrubbing machine could ruin your ducts.  Since the cost is not that different for replacing vs. cleaning the ducts, most homeowners opt to replace their flex ductwork.
  • Steel Ductwork – Metal ductwork is the opposite of flex duct.  Steel ducting is usually installed inside the floors and furr downs, making it extremely difficult to access and replace the vent.  The cost to replace it is unrealistic unless the home is being renovated. In this scenario, you are better off cleaning the steel ducts vs. replacing them. The scrubber used to clean the vents will not damage the steel ducts. 

Home Air Quality Options

Many families in San Antonio struggle with allergies and mold, making it difficult to function some days.  Many homeowners believe that cleaning the air ducts is the best way to solve allergies and mold problems.  This will help, but there are also a few more options to improve your home’s indoor air quality, like installing a UV light in your air handler or upgrading your filters to catch small particulates better.  Combined, all of this can significantly improve your home’s air quality. 

UV Light

A UV light is a great way to help reduce the number of allergens and mold that pass through your HVAC system.  A UV light can be installed inside the indoor air handler and sits under the coils.  When airflow past the light, the UV raze sterilizes almost all the particles.  This turns your HVAC system into a giant air purifier.  One important thing to note is not all UV lights are created equal.  Some brands work far better than others in both effectiveness and longevity.  Give us a call if you want to learn more about all the UV options you have.


Many homeowners in San Antonio are unaware that most cheap off-the-shelf filters don’t offer much protection against particulates.  We usually install a 4″ media filter with a high Merv rating to solve this problem.  This will help ensure as many particles are being pulled out of the air as possible. 

An illustration of a UV HVAC light system, also called a germicidal air purifier, installed in an air handler inside a home.