Atlas AC Repair, LLC

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HVAC Jobs San Antonio & Austin

Hiring Full-time

Now Hiring Full-Time Installers And Technicians

PTO, Health Benefits, Work-Life Balance

Key Aspects of being a part of The Atlas Install Team

  • You only perform 1 complete install a day, starting first thing in the morning
  • You only work 1 weekend out of the month
  • You don’t work holidays
  •  You’ll get good hours in the winter
  •  NEVER SELL A THING!  We’re a company that provides great service with knowledgeable techs and installers…not salesmen

Some Of The Benefits Of Working At Atlas

  • A $1,500.00 signing bonus will be paid after 90 days
  •  $20 to $35 an hour based on skill set
  • 1.5x pay increase for over time
  • You’ll get 40+ hours a week
  • We pay our employees every Friday
  • Health insurance is included
  • We offer paid time off after 90 days
  • We have a weekend rotation, so you don’t work every weekend

Text (830) 353-1585 with your questions or to set up an interview…

What we need from you to get started

Experience: HVAC 3 years (Required)
License/Certification: Driver’s License (Required)
Education: High school or equivalent (Preferred)

Become an Atlas AC Repair technician

It can be a real challenge to find good HVAC jobs in San Antonio and Austin, but we can help. We are looking for professional HVAC technicians to be part of the fastest-growing HVAC install, repair, and service company in San Antonio and Austin.

Looking for HVAC jobs in San Antonio or Austin?  We have openings!         
Apply Now

  • 2 – HVAC service technician positions available
  • 2 – HVAC installer positions available
  • No helper positions available at this time

Why Work For Atlas AC Repair?

If you have been in the HVAC industry any time at all, you know that there are many shitty companies out there that take advantage of their techs. These HVAC companies want you to be a commission salesman or restrict your hours so much in the winter you can’t pay your bills. We all know this is bullshit! The tech gets used and abused while the owner is fat and happy. 

About Your New HVAC Job

HVAC Service Technician Jobs in San Antonio and Austin

  • Often it can be challenging to find a good HVAC company that properly supports its HVAC service techs. Most companies want you to live off of commissions with a small base salary, turning you into a salesman and not an HVAC Service tech. They do this, so they don’t have to pay you in the winter, putting you in a hard place and forcing you to look for a new HVAC job in San Antonio. Atlas AC Repair does not allow our technicians to sell; we are more of a “good ol’ boy” company. Atlas AC Repair prides itself on being an honest hard working company. We start all of our techs at an hourly rate based on the technician’s skill set. If you are looking for an HVAC job in San Antonio and Austin, apply today.
A technician uses manifold gauges, an HVAC diagnostic tool for checking refrigerant pressure, during an AC repair.

HVAC Installation Technician Jobs in San Antonio and Austin

  • HVAC is the cornerstone of our industry. It’s hard, honest work that helps drive the company forward. We understand that it takes a special skill set for an install to go right with no future callbacks. If you’re an installer in San Antonio or Austin looking for a company that does not overwork you in the heat of the summer or underwork you in winter, apply with us. Atlas AC Repair is always looking for good HVAC installers.

HVAC Helper Jobs in San Antonio and Austin

  • If you’re just getting your start in HVAC and are looking for a great company to help grow you up in the industry, apply with us. Atlas AC Repair helps new technicians grow into true HVAC specialists. The career path at Atlas goes like this.
      1. Helper – You start as a helper and train under a lead technician for one year.
      2. Tech – Over the course of the previous year, if you have excelled at learning from the lead tech and the lead tech believes you can do basic service on your own, Atlas will give you a van to start running calls along with a pay raise.
      3. Lead Tech – Over the next five years, you will work as a tech and continue honing your skills. At this time, you will be eligible to become a lead technician for Atlas, helping to train other techs starting out and solving complex problems in addition to running service calls.

Commercial HVAC Jobs in San Antonio and Austin

  • Commercial HVAC work is very different from residential HVAC work. We are dealing with high voltage and much larger complicated systems. Past experience is extremely important for this job opportunity. To apply, you will need at least five years of experience in commercial HVAC working with commercial RTU and split systems. We understand that commercial HVAC work requires a high skill set level. If you’re a commercial HVAC tech in San Antonio and you are looking for a great place to work, apply at Atlas AC Repair today!
An RTU, or "roof top unit," is a self-contained unit that provides both heat and air conditioning for certain spaces, such as commercial buildings.
  • Commercial HVAC installations are not too complicated, but there are many moving parts to pull off a successful installation. We understand that coordinating between the crane operator helpers and others takes a leader. If you’re a commercial installer in San Antonio or in Austin and are looking for a great company to work with, apply today for a commercial HVAC installer job.

New Construction HVAC Jobs in San Antonio and Austin

  • New construction HVAC installs are a tedious process. As we all know, the contractors’ plans are never right, and the install team has to develop solutions to those unforeseen problems. It takes a special mind to help develop these solutions and coordinate with the GC and other trades on the job site. We understand that this job has many moving parts and requires great techs. If you’re looking for a new construction HVAC job in San Antonio, apply at Atlas AC Repair today!
Atlas AC Repair service area map

Our Service Area

Atlas AC Repair services a large area in Texas from three office locations in San Antonio, Austin, and Kerrville. The way we service this large area without running our technicians to death is a little different than most companies. We schedule our techs to service the area where they live. If you live in Boerne, you will service from Kerrville to north San Antonio. If you live in San Marcos, you will service Austin to New Braunfels. If you live in South San Antonio, you will service the lower half of San Antonio. Sectioning up our service areas helps reduce drive time, keeping you from driving all over the place for only a few jobs.

  • Why is our service area so big? Simply put, we are a growing company that is expanding. This is great news for our HVAC techs because our career path allows them to grow into any position they want.

Our Team

How do we build the best team?

  • Building the best HVAC team is not an easy thing to do. We all know people in management that don’t do their job, hanging out techs to dry. Or techs that are sloppy, leading to lots of callbacks. At Atlas AC Repair, we do not allow any of this; accomplishing this isn’t that complicated. We do not have any salesmen or sales techs in our company. We do not allow any on sale to the customer. At Atlas, we present our findings to the customer, explain all their options, and then let them decide what is best for them. Since we don’t focus on sales, we focus on our workmanship. We provide a high level of workmanship in the HVAC industry. No drama is allowed in the company, only the highest quality of work. This enables us to keep our prices down and creates trust with our customers, helping generate repeat business. You’re able to make an honest living without having to hassle customers or compromise on repairs to get extra work. We simply believe in hard work and honesty.
The techs we are looking for

  • Atlas AC Repair attracts the best of the best Techs and Installers who want to belong to a team and company that humanizes and respects everyone inside the company, the supply houses, and specifically the customers. If this describes you, let’s talk.
  • Atlas AC Repair only hires the most qualified Technicians and Installers. If you can “think on your feet” and rise to the top of your trade, Atlas AC Repair might be a good place for you to create your career.  
  • If you don’t think on your feet or if you’re keeping your options open, Atlas AC Repair will NOT be a good fit; keep your resume and keep looking.

If you searched "HVAC jobs in San Antonio" it could mean 1 of 2 things...

  1. Either you’re not happy where you’re at but you’re not quite ready to leave so you’re keeping your options open or . . .
  2. You’re ready to have an HVAC job that empowers you to be great and respects you for your contributions to the company and to the team.

It can be difficult to find the right HVAC job but we can help.

Why Most HVAC companies suck!!!

Everyone who has spent any time in the HVAC industry knows that many companies out there do not care about the techs or workmanship. Why are there so many lousy HVAC contractors out there? The short answer is they are only in it to make a quick buck, so they use and abuse their techs and customers. They care more about sales and over-charging their customers. They expect you to sell customers services and repairs they don’t need, then do a poor job, so the HVAC system fails. This way of doing business puts honest techs in a bad spot. We do not operate this way; we train all of our techs to be the best HVAC technician possible, and if a customer uses us, great, and if not, that is fine too. We have built our business on honesty and integrity. We promote technicians based on their knowledge and workmanship, not their monthly sales. If you are looking through HVAC jobs in San Antonio, you will want to consider us.

Being an HVAC installer is arguably one of the most demanding jobs out there without the added abuse of a bad employer. You have to work in a 140-degree attic for hours and get everything right. Then your employer is pissed whenever a snag sets back the install. They ordered the wrong product or have the wrong scope of work, but it’s somehow your job to read management’s mind. Not only that, to prevent customers from getting buyer’s remorse, management wants you to install the system the same day at two pm. Now you are in the attic at the hottest time in the day, working till midnight. Finding HVAC installer jobs in San Antonio with a good company can be a real challenge. If you are looking for HVAC installer jobs in San Antonio, you will want to look at Atlas AC Repair. We do not use and abuse our installers. We understand that the working conditioners are not that great, and the last thing you need is an unorganized company that treats you like shit. If you are looking for available HVAC installer jobs because you are tired of how your company treats you, check out our open positions and apply fast!

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