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Lennox AC Service in San Antonio TX

Lennox AC Repair San Antonio

San Antonio Texas is know for our hot summers and mild winters. The hot summers puts a huge demand on our Lennox AC systems. This big demand can start to break components and parts on your Lennox air conditioner. Some of these parts can be an inexpensive component that can take down your Lennox AC unit when it fails. When this happens you need a Lennox expert in San Antonio. Atlas AC Repair has a fleet of highly trained technicians who can take care of any problem you have with your Lennox AC. Give us a call to get your Lennox air conditioner serviced today!

Lennox Heater Repair San Antonio

The winter weather in San Antonio mostly comfortable throughout the season. However, it’s sure nice to have a working heater when you need it.  If you are having problems with your Lennox heater you can always count on Atlas AC Repair to fix the problem fast. Give us a call today for reliable heater service!

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Lennox AC Replacement San Antonio

A Lennox AC system is considered by many to be the Cadillac of HVAC. This is why so many people prefer the Lennox brand. We know that AC systems don’t last forever and need to be replaced every 18 to 22 years. Finding a Lennox installation company in San Antonio can take a work to find the right one. If your Lennox AC system is starting to show it’s age and your are considering a new Lennox AC system, you can always count on Atlas AC Repair to deliver a high quality solutions for the right price. You can start by getting a free quote to replace your Lennox AC system. Give Atlas AC Repair a call today for your new Lennox AC estimate.

Lennox AC Unit Replacement San Antonio

There are two major part on an AC system that makes it cool and heat. The first part is your indoor unit, furnace, that pushes the cool and warm air throughout your home, it is also your heater. Your outdoor AC unit, condenser, is the part that cools your home. Since we have extreme heat in the summer and mild winter our outdoor AC unit is used more than our indoor unit. Sometimes this leads our outdoor AC unit to fail before our indoor unit. When this happens, you don’t need a complete new Lennox AC system, you only need a new Lennox AC unit. If your Lennox AC unit is past repair and you need a new one, you can start by getting a free quote. Give Atlas AC Repair a call today for pricing on a new Lennox AC unit.

Lennox furnace Replacement San Antonio

There are time when your indoor furnace quits working before outdoor AC unit. Many times all you need to do is changeout your old Lennox furnace to a new furnace. If your furnace is past repairing and you need a new Lennox furnace, you can always trust Atlas AC Repair to properly match up your outdoor AC unit to your indoor furnace. Get a free quote today!

Lennox Maintenance San Antonio

Properly maintaining your Lennox AC will insure that it will operate at peak performance for many years. If you properly maintain your Lennox AC system you can expect to get 20 years before you need to replace it again. This also helps to reduce the number of time your AC system needs to be repaired throughout it’s life. Another big benefit is routine maintenance keep your system operating at peak efficiency keeping your electric bill as low as possible. There are a few best practices you can do in order to get the most out of your Lennox AC.

  1. Change your filters once a month
  2. Keep your outdoor AC unit clean and clear form vegetation
  3. Have a HVAC company do annual maintenance / tune-up

This will help to extend the life of your AC system while keeping your electric bill low. If your needing a tune-up for your Lennox AC system, give us a call today!

Lennox Is One Of The Best AC Brand In San Antonio

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There is a lot of different AC brands that are available in San Antonio. One of the most high-end brands that checks all the boxes from quality to low noise to energy efficiency is Lennox. When you have a Lennox AC system on your home your friends and neighbors know that you hvac the Cadillac of AC systems. You can tell the quality and features of a Lennox over most other brands. The Lennox variable speed options allows to have complete and total control for the humidity in your home. The is ideal when you have fine art and expensive furniture in your home. The multi speed AC systems also better helps your control the temperature throughout your home, eliminating hot and cold spot. This works great for large home over 2,500 square feet or home that are two story. It is easy to understand why so many people like and use Lennox AC systems for their homes in San Antonio.  You not only need a AC brand that slices and dices, you also need a brand that is going to perform when it count. The summer heat in San Antonio pushes our AC system to the absolute limit. That extra strain causes things to break a AC system, not only that, but at the worst time possible. When it’s 100 degrees outside the worst thing in the world is to have a downed AC unit. You need a brand that can handle anything you through at it. This is why Lennox is one or the best AC brands in San Antonio Texas.

You have a lot of options when it comes to Lennox AC system. A new Lennox AC system has a lot of efficacy option, from 14 Seer to 23 Seer. The higher the Seer rating the more you save. High Seer ratings are great for people how are energy conscious or have solar on their home. You also have other options like a single, double, or variable speed AC system. The more speed settings you have the more control you have on temperature and air quality throughout your home. A Lennox variable speed AC system is ideal for large home because it is hard to level out the temperatures and humidity with a single stage system. For a smaller home you might only need a single start AC system instead of the double stage or variable speed. You also have a few options on a gas, heat pump, or electric systems. It is eases to go back with the exact same system type, but it is not requited. If you move to a gas system and don’t have one now, we will need to run black pipe for the gas lines in our home. If you have a heat pump but want to move to an electric system, we will need to upgrade your electrical breakers to handle the extra load. Either way, if you don’t like the system type you have now you can always change, it will just cost a little more for the extra work needed. 

Lennox Air Conditioners San Antonio, Texas

You want the best AC equipment for your home, so does Atlas AC.

You searched for Lennox San Antonio which means you are interested is having AC Replacement equipment that is top if not the best of the best.  When a customer needs AC Repairs or AC Replacement for existing Lennox AC equipment, we know they are used to having high-quality equipment for their homes and businesses.

For that reason, Atlas AC Repair offers Lennox AC equipment and will be glad to give you a quote over the phone or online to help you make a quick decision about AC Repair or AC Replacement. Often time AC Repair can be very expensive meaning it may be time for AC Replacement instead.

If you prefer to have your system repaired, Atlas AC Repair will be glad to provide you a quote for the option for repair and for replacement. We believe you should be empowered to make the best decision for your home or business without being told what is best for you.

Atlas AC Repair offers quotes online, over the phone, by email and text message to help you economize your time and reduce the number of appointments you have to schedule for meetings with a salesperson. It is our belief that since people buy major purchases online from appliances to cars to houses, they would like the same service for their AC Repair and AC Replacement quotes.

As a true cost control fanatic, Atlas AC Repair has proven the best way to reduce and control our cost of doing business is to empower you, the customer with as much information online and by email as necessary for you to make a final decision in the uninterrupted comfort of your own home. Without the pressure of a salesperson insisting they have the only answer to your problem.

We pay it forward in the form of lower upfront pricing. We empower you as quickly as possible. We believe you are a grown-up adult capable of making a good decision with being coaxed by a salesperson (who won’t leave). 

If you are ready for new Lennox AC Replacement Equipment to be installed, or simply want your Lennox AC Repaired, get in touch with Atlas AC Repair today.

Financing options

Air conditioner replacements made affordable.

Want low monthly payments for your new Lennox AC Equipment?  We make it simple. Apply from the comfort of your home …and decide if a low monthly payment makes more sense than dipping into your emergency fund or savings account. Atlas AC Repair believes in giving options to empower you as you make the best choice for you and your home.

More about HVAC financing 

Everyone wants the best AC system available to them. There is nothing worst that settling for less when you don’t have to. Atlas AC Repair offer many financing options through FTL Finance. This gives you the flexibility get exactly what you want without stretching financially to get the best Lennox AC system in San Antonio. We offer options as long as 84 month terms down to 24 month terms. There is no early buyout fee and you only pay interest for the months you made payments on. The best thing about this, if you choose the 84 month program and choose to pay it off by month 12, you only pay interest for only those 12 months with not early buy out fee.

Not only do you have different options for financing your AC system buy it is also fast. You can get approved and funded in most cases the same day. This is great for people who need to move fast if their AC system is down. We can get you funded for your new Lennox AC system fast, then do the install the same day or next day! Atlas AC Repair checks all the boxes. If you want to finance your new Lennox AC, start the application here!