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Trane AC Repair San Antonio

Let’s face it, the summer heat in San Antonio can be hard on our Trane air conditioner systems. The extreme heat put a big demand on our air conditioners. The extra demand can break various components in your system, even though it is an inexpensive part it can still take down your entire Trane air conditioner. When this happens, you need a company that specializes in Trane systems in San Antonio. Atlas AC Repair is dedicated to providing quality AC repair, AC replacement, AC installation, heater repair, and furnace replacement for any Trane air conditioner system in San Antonio. Our expert technicians that can take care of any problem you are having with your Trane air conditioner. Give us a call today for fast reliable service. If you need to get an idea of an AC repair cost or cleaning AC coil cost, give us a call.

Trane Heating Service San Antonio

We don’t need to use our heaters that much throughout the year because of the nice temperatures in the Winter. However, it is nice to have a working heater when you need it. If you are experiencing issues with your Trane heater you can always count on Atlas AC Repair to deliver fast and affordable HVAC service for your Trane heater in San Antonio.

Trane AC Replacement San Antonio

One of the big reasons most people like Trane air conditioner systems in San Antonio is because it has a long life expectancy and minimal repairs throughout its life. We all know that our air conditioner systems do not last forever. If a Trane air conditioning unit is installed correctly and maintained, it could have a life expectancy of 18 to 22 years. If your Trane air conditioner is showing its age and nearing the end of its rated life, you can always count on Atlas AC Repair to deliver high-quality Trane installations and replacements. To compare the best central air conditioner on the market, take a quick look at our blog. If you are interested in getting a free quote to replace your Trane air conditioner, give us a call to get your free new HVAC system cost

Trane Furnace Replacement San Antonio

There are two major parts to a central Trane heating and cooling system.  There is your outdoor unit for cooling your home and your indoor furnace/air handler that warms your home and pushes the air throughout your home. In some cases, your Trane unit is in good working conditioner but your Trane furnace might need to be replaced. If it’s time for a Trane furnace replacement in San Antonio, Atlas AC Repair is here for you. We will correctly match a new indoor Trane furnace to your outdoor unit. Give us a call to get your free furnace cost replacement!

Trane Outdoor Unit Replacement San Antonio

It is a common occurrence in San Antonio for your outdoor Trane unit to fail before your indoor furnace. It’s mostly due to the hot summers and mild winters, we end up using our air conditioner a lot more than we use our heater. If you’re having trouble with your outdoor unit don’t hesitate to call Atlas AC Repair. We are more than happy to give you a free quote to replace your Trane unit in San Antonio. Give us a call today for your free new AC unit cost.

Trane Maintenance San Antonio

There are a few things you can do on a routine basis that will help extend the life of your Trane system.

  1. Change your filters once a month
  2. Keep your outdoor unit clean and clear from vegetation
  3. Have an HVAC company do annual maintenance/tune-up

These will help ensure you maximize the life of your Trane along with it running at peak efficiency. If you’re looking for an AC company in San Antonio that maintains Trane systems, you came to the right place. Atlas AC Repair is a full-service HVAC company that services, installs, and maintains Trane systems in San Antonio. Call us today!

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Trane Air Conditioners San Antonio, Texas

You want the best equipment for your home, so does Atlas AC.

You searched for Trane San Antonio so you must be looking for an air conditioner replacement that is the best of the best. When a customer needs air conditioning service in San Antonio or replacement for existing Trane air conditioner equipment, we know they are used to having high-quality equipment for their homes and businesses.

For that reason, Atlas AC Repair offers Trane equipment and will be glad to give you a quote over the phone or online to help you make a quick decision about AC service or replacement. Often time air conditioner service can be very expensive meaning it may be time for air conditioner replacement instead.

If you prefer to have your system repaired, Atlas AC Repair will be glad to provide a quote for the option for service and for replacement. We believe you should be empowered to make the best decision for your home or business without being told what is best.

Atlas AC Repair offers quotes online, over the phone, by email, and text message to help you economize your time and reduce the number of appointments you have to schedule for meetings with a salesperson. It’s our belief that since people buy major purchases online from appliances to cars to houses, they would like the same service for their air conditioner service and replacement quotes.

As a true cost control fanatic, Atlas AC Repair has proven the best way to reduce and control our cost of doing business is to empower you, the customer with as much information online and by email as necessary for you to make a final decision in the uninterrupted comfort of your own home.  Without the pressure of a salesperson insisting they have the only answer to your problem.

We pay it forward in the form of lower upfront pricing.  We empower you as quickly as possible.  We believe you are a grown-up adult capable of making a good decision without being coaxed by a salesperson (who won’t leave). 

If you are ready for new replacement equipment to be installed, or simply want your repaired, get in touch with Atlas AC Repair today.

More About Your Trane AC System

Trane XR14 - XR16 Series

The Trane XR series is one of the most common Trane air conditioner and heating system in the San Antonio area. The big reason it one of the most common HVAC system is because it has the most budget friendly pricing along with carrying the Trane name. It is also the fewest moving parts which normally leads to less service throughout it’s life cycle in San Antonio. The Seer rating range from 14 Seer to 16 Seer. CPS offers rebates for systems over 16 Seer in San Antonio, so a high Seer option is worth considering. The big difference between the Trane XR and the other models is it’s a single stage system. This means it operates at 100% compacity when it is in operation. The downside to a single stage system the on/off cycle time is fast due to it running at 100%, what this can lead to is hot or cold spots throughout your home. The Trane TX model is most ideal for a budget friendly option and works great for homes smaller than 2000 square feet. If you have a two-story home or a large home with high ceiling it is work consider a different model.

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Trane XV18 Series

The XV18 model Trane air conditioner is one step above the XR18 models. It has a higher Seer rating with a two-stage system making it Energy Star rated. The Seer rating for the Trane XV can go as high as 18 Seer. The big difference between the XR and the XV18 is the XV18 Trane is a 2 stage air conditioner. The first stage runs at 50 to 65% compacity. This creates a much longer run time than the single-stage XR. The longer run time reduces the number of hot and cold spots in your home, it also controls the humidity in your home a little better. When the first stage is having a hard time regulating the temperature it moves to stage two. The second stage operates at 100% compacity which will quickly get the indoor temperature where it needs to be. The XV18 Trane air conditioning system is great for a larger home over 2000 square feet or 2 story homes where it is harder to even out the temperature on each floor.

Trane XV201

The Trane XV201 is the top-of-the-line air conditioning system Trane manufactures. It goes as high as 22 Seer and is also Energy Star rated. The XV201 also has a variable-speed air conditioner system. Unlike the one and two-stage AC system, the XV201 variable-speed system operates with a much bigger range. Usually, the first stage starts a 35% compacity then goes up from there. What this means is, the XV201 can run for extremely long periods of time and that is a good thing. This helps to remove any hot and cold spots in your home. You also have complete control over the humidity levels in your home. The sound is also at a minimum, in most cases, you won’t even know it is running. The XV201 Trane air conditioner works great for a large home with high ceilings to help regulate the indoor temperature. With the humidity control, it helps to protect expensive art and furniture. Overall, it is the top-of-the-line air conditioning system available on the market.

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