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It can be hard to sort through all the different companies to determine the best fit for you.  At Atlas AC Repair, we believe it’s our job to deliver the fastest service at the best price while fully informing you of all options before any repairs are completed.

We know a broken air conditioner can all too quickly become an emergency in the summer heat.

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Honest upfront AC repair prices

Finding an air conditioning company in that provides fair upfront AC repair prices can be challenging.  Many companies wait for your air conditioner to break, then charge you an arm and a leg to fix it.  We do not work this way.  We keep it simple by offering our best prices upfront with no sales gimmicks.  We charge $89 to come to your home, diagnose your air conditioner, find the problem, then present you with AC repair options and prices before we fix your air conditioner.  This helps eliminate any unwanted costs.  We believe in empowering customers to make the most informed decision with affordable AC repair costs.  If you need AC repair in call Atlas AC Repair!

AC repair options

There can be a few different ways to repair an air conditioner depending on what category the AC repair falls into.  There are no options when simple, inexpensive components on your air conditioner fail.  For example, if your compositor fails on your air conditioner, the only fix is to replace it for about $200.  But when major expensive components fail, there are options available.  For example, suppose your evap coil goes out.  In that case, it might be under warranty which lowers the AC repair cost, or it might no longer be manufactured, which means the entire air handler unit must be replaced, or you choose to have your AC company add leak seal, which delays the inevitable for another six months.  When major components fail, you usually have three options: the cheap 6-month fix, the replacement of the major component, or the replacement of the entire system, but you have to weigh the pros and cons of each. 

Tech working on an AC unit
  • The short-term fix will probably ruin your system, but if the air conditioner is on its last leg, this might be an excellent option to get every last minute out of it.  It can also buy you a little time to gather funds for the long-term solution.
  • Replacing the major component makes the most sense if your air conditioner is a newer system.  You may not want this option if it’s an older AC system because your whole system could fail the next year, and you wouldn’t get your money’s worth from this repair.
  • Lastly, you can replace your entire air conditioner.  This is a good solution if your air conditioner is older and hasn’t many years left.  That way, you don’t double invest in both an AC repair and a replacement.
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We repair every air conditioning brand

There is nothing more frustrating than calling an AC company, and they aren’t experts in the air conditioner you have.  Certain brands are more challenging to work on than others, and the age of the system can also create confusion for many techs.  When a tech can’t fix it, they often tell you that there are no AC repairs available and you have to replace it.  Who wants to buy a new air conditioner when the one you have now just needs an expert to look at it?  Our team is constantly expanding our knowledge of every major brand and upcoming new technology with continuing education.  We have built one of the most respected AC teams and can do AC repair on any brand you throw at us.  If you live in Texas and are looking for a local AC repair expert, call us.

Fast AC repair response time

Let’s face it, the summer heat in Texas can get a little out of hand.  The high temperatures we experience put a significant demand on our air conditioners.  This extra demand we experience in the summertime tends to break things at the most inconvenient time.  You can be put in a bind when it’s 100 degrees outside, and your air conditioner stops working.  You don’t have the time to look through all the different AC repair companies; you need AC repair near meYou need a reliable AC company that can fix the problem on the same day.  Our average response time for an AC repair is on the same day.  Our fleet of air conditioning technicians allows us to deliver a fast response.  Since they are also trained to work on every major AC brand, the odds are we can fix it while we are there.  Call us if your air conditioner goes down and you need someone fast for an AC repair.

Home AC repair

When it comes to your home, you don’t let just anyone in.  There are either people you know or a skilled service perfectional you trust.  We understand there are a lot of sleazy companies that also do shoddy work.  When your air conditioner goes down, you don’t have as much time as you need to vet an AC company properly.  We check all the boxes when it comes to a friendly professional tech who will take good care of you.  All of our techs are licensed, background checked, and drug tested.  Our technicians are also highly trained to work on residential HVAC systems and explain in detail precisely what is happening with your air conditioner.  They also go through all your AC repair options and cost.  If you need an AC repair give us a call or schedule service from this page!

Technician discussing the AC unit diagnosis with the homeowner.
Atlas Van with crane in the background pickup up a commercial RTU

Commercial AC Repair

One of the biggest problems most commercial facility managers face is finding a good HVAC contractor.  What tends to happen is that many commercial AC companies do an excellent job with the first few AC repairs, then stop properly diagnosing and repairing the commercial air conditioner.  You think they are doing their job, but their hope is the system will lay down, and they’ll get a commercial RTU replacement.  This is why many commercial AC companies tamper with a system or just do not do the work.  We do not operate this way.  We believe the right way to make money is over the long term, not to try to make a quick buck.   For this reason, many commercial facility managers have started using us as their go-to commercial AC company. You can always count on us if you need a commercial AC repair!

Certified technicians for quality AC repairs

There is a reason why the HVAC industry is a licensed trade.  If an AC repair is done wrong, it could cause electrical problems damaging your home.  If a gas heating and cooling system is serviced by a tech that does not properly work on it, it could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.  So, all service technicians must be certified and trained to ensure everyone stays safe.  We believe in hiring the best techs in the industry and continually training them so they can handle any AC repair correctly.  If you are looking for a certified AC repair company in Texas give us a call today!

Atlas Tech In A Van

Licensed and insured HVAC company

It is crucial to work with an AC company that is licensed and insured.  Every AC company in Texas is required to have a TACLA license to be able to lay hands on an AC system.  Texas requires this for the safety of the homeowner.  We are licensed to perform AC repair and AC replacement on residential and commercial air conditioning and heating systems up to 25 tons.  We also carry millions of dollars in GL and workers comp insurance.  That way, the homeowner and our technicians are both covered if an accident occurs during an AC repair.

Our AC repair services

When your air conditioner is not working and you need an AC repair company that can handle anything thrown their way.  We provide homeowners with the best air conditioner repair solution.  We handle quick, simple fixes to the more in-depth major fixes.  We can track down electrical problems, from thermostat line breaks to leaking coils.  We can quickly identify the problem, then present you with options to fix your air conditioner.

Check a few things before you call for an AC repair

Address your air conditioning problem without needing to call an AC repair company.  Checking these four things before calling a service company to your home could save you time and money.

  • Check your filters.  
  • Clean the outdoor AC unit.
  • Check your thermostat.
  • Clean the drain line.

The first thing to look at if your home is not cooling and heating correctly is your air filter.  If your filter is dirty, change it and see if that helps.  Most people understand that AC filters should be changed on a routine basis.  However, most people don’t realize just how much damage clogged filters cause to our air conditioning and heating systems.  One of the primary jobs of an AC system is to distribute air throughout your home.  When filters get too dirty and clogged, the AC can no longer circulate the air correctly, making the air conditioner work harder and longer to cool your home.  The unnecessary stress added to your system causes components to break over time and prevents the system from cooling your home correctly.  Not only does this result in more repairs to keep your AC running, but it can also reduce the useful life of your AC equipment by 5 to 10 years.  We recommend changing your 1″ filters out every 30 days, or if you have multiple furry pets, every 15 days.  It’s easy to forget filter changes; set a reminder on your phone or smart thermostat or have new filters delivered to your home with a monthly filter subscription.

Your AC unit cools your home and keeps you comfortable by converting the outdoor temperature into cold air.  It does this by blowing air through the outdoor coils.  If these coils are dirty, they can no longer efficiently exchange the outdoor temperature for cool air, forcing your AC unit to run harder and longer to cool your home.  If your outdoor AC unit is dirty or covered with vegetation and plant debris, it will need to be cleaned off to allow it to run as efficiently as possible.  We recommend cleaning your outdoor AC unit a few times a year, clearing away any vegetation, and spraying off any dirt gently with a water hose.

It’s the thermostat’s job to maintain the correct temperature of the air circulating through the HVAC system.  It’s typical for a thermostat to be the cause of an air conditioner not working.  Rule out that it’s not your thermostat by checking the batteries and the settings.  Many basic thermostats have to be manually changed from heating to cooling.  Make sure it’s on and set to the desired temperature before calling your AC repair guy.

The last thing I would look at is your drain line.  We get a lot of calls every year about an air conditioner not turning on.  In many cases, we find that a safety switch has been tripped.  City code requires that drain line safety switches be installed on new air conditioning systems.  Your AC generates water during the process of cooling your home.  As the drain pan collects the water, the drain line beneath carries the water outside the home.  When that drain line clogs with debris or microbial growth, the water produced by your AC suddenly has nowhere to go.  When the drain pan gets full, the safety switch is triggered to turn off the AC system before the drain pan overflows and any water damage occurs.  Until the water in the drain pan goes down, the air conditioner will stay off.  Most people, at this point, think their air conditioner needs repair, but clearing the clogged drain allows the air conditioner to start working again.  You can do this by pouring bleach or vinegar into your drain pan to clean out the drain line.  Try this before you call your repair guy and see if it fixes the problem.  Routinely pour 1/2 cup vinegar or bleach into your AC drain line a few times a year to clear it and avoid tripping a safety switch.

Are you needing AC Repair

Fast AC Repairs

Atlas AC Repair has a fleet of highly trained, certified technicians ready to take care of any residential AC repair you may have. Our technicians are trained to service all AC system brands, makes, and models, ensuring that we can handle any AC repair necessary to keep your home comfortable.

Best AC Repair Prices

We know everyone's on a budget, and unexpected AC problems can hinder your financial goals. There are other things you would rather spend your hard-earned money on. Atlas AC Repair believes in delivering the right AC solution for the best price, so your plans aren't put on hold due to heating and AC repairs.

AC Options that work for your Home

Air conditioning terminology can come across as a foreign language. We break down all AC repair solutions and explain each option's long- and short-term impact, enabling you to make informed decisions that are best for you and your family.

In some cases, the low-cost AC repair might only keep your air conditioner running well for another six months to a year before needing additional repairs. The long-term solution, despite costing more initially, will ensure that the system remains ready to take on the summer heat for many years.

Did you know?

The best way to keep your AC in top condition and to avoid the costs associated with faulty equipment is to schedule regular inspections and maintenance.  Your air conditioner equipment will perform at peak efficiency and last longer when a tune-up is conducted twice a year and filters are changed regularly.  Air conditioner repair and upgrade decisions have a significant impact on your comfort and your budget.  Why risk costly cooling problems when regular maintenance will help your AC equipment last longer and run more efficiently?  Schedule peace of mind with an Atlas AC Tune-up.

brands we service

We service all air conditioner brands and install these leading brands

Why our customers trust us

The last thing anyone wants after a long day at work is to come home to a downed air conditioner.  So you call an AC repair company, and the repair guy pressures you to spend an arm and a leg to get it back up and running.  So you contact us for a second opinion, our tech diagnoses the problem, presents you with AC repair options, and that is it.  We won’t pressure or try to sell you something; we will present our findings.  If you like the other company better and were using us to ensure you weren’t being misled, that is fine with us.  If you like how we handle the potential solutions and us for the air conditioner repair, that is great too.  We pride ourselves in bringing honesty to the HVAC industry.

We all know that building trust is not easy, but we believe it is the most important thing we can do for our customers.  We don’t do anything crazy to build trust with our customers; we keep things simple.  We have embraced the “good old boy, no BS” business model.  We do our job without pressuring you into things you don’t want or need.  We do our job and nothing more; our job is to deliver the best solutions and workmanship at a fair rate.  Our customers love us because we take care of them, unlike other companies trying to sell them something. 

The big problem we are trying to fix

Most people don’t know there is a problem in the air conditioning industry.  The problem that leads to many issues in our industry is that air conditioning is a seasonal business.  This means there is a lot of work in the summer but very little in the winter.  This leads to price gouging, staffing problems, and bad marketing. 

  • What is an easy way to make up the difference if there is a lot of work in the summer and little to no work in the winter?  You might have guessed it, charge extra in the summer.   Most companies are mismanaged to the point that they have to charge you an arm and a leg to make it through the winter.  Better-managed AC repair companies like us don’t have to change our customers outrageous prices.  We can charge our customers a fair price all year round because we know how to properly handle the winter months when there is little work.
  • The staffing problem we see is lots of work in the summer and none in the winter.  The big question is, what do you do with everyone in the winter?  This leads us to a lot of bad business models.  Many companies use a commission model to solve this problem.  They pay their tech for what they sell, repair, and replace for you.  You can see there is a conflict of interest.  Tech can’t make a living on a $150 AC repair; they need a $1000 AC repair to earn a commission.  The tech has to upsell you and pressure you to decide on the spot so they can make a living.  We do not allow this in our company; everyone is either on a salary or hourly, and no commission is allowed.  Our job is to provide the best AC repair service without selling you anything or pressuring you into a sale.  This separates us from the average air conditioner company in Texas.
  • The last problem is every company treats the summer like a land grab.  Most companies spend vast amounts of money on advertising to ensure they get your call, and then they upsell you on air conditioner repairs and replacements to make up their cost.  By the time the average AC company pulls up to your door, they’ve spent around $200 just to be there.  If all you need is a simple AC repair that would normally only cost $120, how will this company afford that?  The short answer is they can’t.  If it costs the company $200 in advertising and the tech gets paid with commissions, you can see where this is going.  We are very different from this business model.  We work more like the “good old boy” model, honest and straightforward, providing the best workmanship possible.