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AC compressor cost Cost Guide for 2021

Home: A new AC Compressor replacement cost the average homeowner $1000 Commercial: An AC Compressor replacement cost the average business $2000

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What Compressor Type Do I Have?

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Single Stage Compressor: Is a compressor that operates at 100% when in use. There is no inbetweener, it is all on or all off. This is the most common compressor found in an AC unit.

Multi Speed Compressor: This type of compressor has multiple operating stages that is more energy efficient. This type of compressor is typically found in higher end 16+ Seer AC units.

Package Rooftop Compressor: This type of AC system is found in commercial settings. There is many different types of compressors in RTU system. We try to get into as much detail as possible below.

How Much Does A Home AC Compressor Replacement Cost?

A single stage compressor on a residential AC unit is going to cost $1000 to replace it.

Compressor TonnageSingle Stage Compressor Cost2 Speed Compressor CostVariable Speed Compressor Cost
2 Ton AC Compressor$5,300$5,600$6,200
2.5 Ton AC Compressor$5,400$5,800$6,500
3 Ton AC Compressor$5,500$5,800$6,900
3.5 Ton AC Compressor$5,800$6,000$7,250
4 Ton AC Compressor$6,200$6,300$7,400
5 Ton AC Compressor$6,300$6,700$7,800

What Is included in AC Compressor Replacement Cost?

Remove and install a new outdoor unit and indoor furnace.
  • Pump down and dispose of freon refrigerant
  • Removal of current AC compressor
  • Install new AC compressor
  • Add new freon
  • Calibrate AC system
  • 1 year labor warranty
Green speed AC unit

Straight electric vs heat pump compressor cost

A single stage compressor heat pump is going to cost around $300 more than and electric compressor.

Compressor TonnageElectric Single Stage CompressorHeat Pump Single Stage Compressor
2 Ton AC Compressor$5,300$5,600
2.5 Ton AC Compressor$5,400$5,800
3 Ton AC Compressor$5,500$5,800
3.5 Ton AC Compressor$5,800$6,000
4 Ton AC Compressor$6,200$6,300
5 Ton AC Compressor$6,300$6,700

What is the differance between an Electric and Heat Pump AC compressor

The quick top level answer is a straight electric AC system is used only to cool your home. While a heat pump system is used for both cooling and heating your home.

Heat Pump HVAC

  •  A heat pump AC is mostly found in the southern part of the United States. The reason it is most common in the south is because it is the most efficient way to heat your home however around minus 10 degrees it can no longer keep up.
Electric HVAC
  • An electric AC can be found almost anywhere in the USA. It is the most common way to cool a home because the outdoor AC unit can pair with almost any system type.


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